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New Promotional Videos for Apple, iPhone 12 and AirPods Pro

by tenderpuls
Apple, iPhone 12 ve AirPods Pro İçin İlginç Tanıtım Videoları Yayınladı

Apple has released a promotional video for the iPhone 12, the latest iPhone model available, and the AirPods Pro, the “top-of-the-line” wireless headset. The videos highlight specific features rather than introduce the devices in general.

One of the largest technology companies in the world AppleA new launch event to present its latest products to consumers on March 23. will arrange. As Apple prepares to launch new products, it continues to consider products that are currently on sale.

Apple released two new promotional videos on its official YouTube channel, AirPods Pro with iPhone 12He points out the remarkable features of. However, if you wish, let’s watch the videos one by one before we start talking about these videos.

Apple’s AirPods Pro video with active noise canceling theme

AirPods Pro video released, more headphones active noise canceling (ANC) brings the feature to the fore. In the last part of the video, it is possible to hear outside sounds even though the headphones are plugged in. Transparent Mode feature is highlighted. In addition, the fact that the AirPods Pro never fall out of the ear, despite all the “hops” of our dancer, who is in the center of the video, shows how well the headset fits in the ear.

The iPhone 12 video focuses on the robustness of the device rather than the user experience. Starring in the video our talented cook (!)manages to smear almost all the ingredients he uses while cooking on the iPhone 12, and he constantly drops the phone while trying to fix it upright. iPhone 12 is neither affected by materials nor drops, and the master cook (!) after washing continues to use.

Toughness themed iPhone 12 video

As you know, iPhone 12 models IP68 has a certificate. This means that the device has serious protection against water and dust means it is. However, Apple stated at the time of its launch that the iPhone 12 has a ceramic front and back glass surface, so it offers a high level of durability.

Still, if you do not find Apple’s iPhone 12 video on “robustness” successful enough, you can read below. Webtekno Method Let’s leave it alone with the robustness test video.

Webtekno Method iPhone 12 Pro durability test

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