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iPhone 12 Body Color Fading Problem Is Growing

by tenderpuls

Recently, a new problem of iPhones has started to emerge. In addition to the many critical problems of the phones, the color fading problem in the body now increased the user complaints.

Apple iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 minis The color fading problem, which started to appear frequently and then appeared to have the same problem in the 11s, turned out to be a common problem of many users on the internet. Recently a iPhone 12 The subject has grown considerably after the photo of the user published on the internet.

The fading problem in the aluminum case, especially in the red iPhone 12s, seems to be a pretty chronic problem. Aluminum safe XR, iPhone 11 and iPhone 12s Experiencing this problem in many colors makes Apple wonder about its attitude towards this issue. It is strange how the fading problem, which is on the agenda in many Apple forums, occurs in such an expensive phone.

Could silicone sleeve be a factor?

Aluminum casing It is wondered whether the use of iPhone 12 and 11’s in silicone cases causes this problem. Red iPhone 12 about on complaint found user, In November 2020will be used primarily for business purposes. iPhone 12 We bought. This phone has been used in a transparent case from day one and has not been used in any “toxic” environment where aggressive substances are present.” said.


iPhone 12 mini Sales Disappointed Apple: iPhone 13 May Not Be the “mini” Model

Many users point out that “defective paint” is used in this regard. Apple before on iPhone XR paint problems experienced “user errorReturned as ”. iPhone users state that Apple should not escape such a problem for the luxury consumer product iPhone 12.

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