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Google Camera Application “Quick Shot” Feature Has Arrived

by tenderpuls

The Google Camera application has been updated, which offers better performance than most internal camera applications. With the latest update, the “hands-free fast shooting” feature has been added to the application.

Although Google is not among the most popular brands in the smartphone market, Pixel smartphones are Google Camera The app is cited as one of the best camera apps in the Android ecosystem, and as Google doesn’t publish it publicly, those who want to use Google Camera have to resort to APKs.

Google continues to improve its built-in camera app and Google Camera 8.2.204 has been released both officially on the Play Store and as an APK on cloud sites. Well Google Camera 8.2.204 What exactly are the innovations offered to users with?

New quick shot With the feature, users start taking videos without having to switch to video mode when they hold down the shutter button while in photo mode. However, when video recording starts with fast motion, the recording ends when you take your finger off the shutter.

However, Google has added a few new “finger gestures” to the feature to make fast motion video recording easier. Now when you start video recording with fast motion by sliding your finger to the left You can keep the video recording even if you take your finger off. In addition, when your finger is on the shutter, you can zoom in by sliding up and zoom out by sliding down.


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As a result, Google Camera 8.2.204, without switching to video mode makes it easy to start a video recording. Download the latest APK file of the Google Camera app. here You can download it by clicking. As we mentioned at the beginning of our news, let us state that since Google Camera is not developed to be compatible with all devices, there is a possibility that the application will work incorrectly.

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