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Crowd Detection Feature Coming to Apple Maps

by tenderpuls

It is stated that iOS 14.5, which is expected to be released in spring, will activate a brand new feature on Apple Maps. The impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the world caused the Apple team to make a new change on the maps.

While road notification options are normally expected to be added for Apple maps, a brand new innovation awaits us due to the coronavirus pandemic. iOS 14.5 most important and interactive feature Apple Watch It was stated that there is the possibility of unlocking the screen with, but the Apple team is working on more innovative ideas.

Apple Maps with its application; The radar will enable the reporting of a traffic accident or any danger in traffic. When users swipe up the screen after logging into the app, they will be greeted with a new menu. Moreover, this feature Siri and the user will be able to make a notification using only his / her voice. However, with the newly added function, Apple Maps is now much more useful.

Crowd detection feature is activated

iOS 14.5 When you go out with the update, it will be enough to just run Apple Maps and choose your destination. You will be able to see what is crowded in the area or places you will go. Will keep live visit data Apple Maps thanks to COVID-19 People who do not want to enter crowded environments due to reasons will also be able to see empty spaces.


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Seeing how crowded businesses or parks are, you decide whether to go to these points and take risks. iPhone or iPad it will give users quite easy. However On Apple Maps For businesses and areas, a general graph can be seen on how busy it is at what time of day. In iOS 14.5, Apple will anonymize the location data of its users and make this data available to everyone. Live visit data Thanks to this, crowd detection feature is thought to work very well.

What do you think about this issue? Do you think it’s a useful feature? Please share with us in the comments.

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