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10 Mayors We Want to See on Twitch urgently

by tenderpuls

The start of Twitch broadcasting by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş was on the agenda of social media during the last weekend. So what other mayors from all corners of Turkey can join Twitch, we asked you what they are doing and join, we’ve compiled the names that come to mind.

A large part of local politicians in Turkey have difficulty in reaching young people. Politicians in the internet age to the extent that they can use the internet They can reach the young people, and in this way, they can even announce their names and works to young people from the authorities of the cities they do not manage.

Only not the cities in which they work and where they live, according to the common problem of all young people in Turkey also needs to act. for example internet access, access to technological devices Issues such as these are at the top of these problems.

This past weekend the Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansoor Slow Twitch broadcast announcement seems to start a new fury in Turkey. We asked you about the mayors who are currently on duty and who can participate in this wind, and we added what we thought to the list.

Adana Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zeydan Karalar with his unique attitude:

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We talked to Zeydan Karalar with the above exit he made in the city council shortly after he took office. Adana structure that identifies We think that if he enters Twitch, he will be able to make broadcasts that will take storms and break instant watch records. What would you say?

Turkey’s most unusual Mayor of Fatih Mehmet Maçoğl:

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Maçoğlu, who served in Ovacık in the previous term and was elected Mayor of Tunceli in the last elections, can hold experience-oriented conversations with his publications on developments in rural areas. What do you think?

Mayor of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Muhittin Böcek, who has become a symbol in the fight against the epidemic:

neighborhood bug

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Muhittin Böcek, caught twice with coronavirus, manages Antalya, one of the most touristic cities of our country. In live broadcasts, he can explain what they have done for the tourism sector during the epidemic period, and perhaps thus reach millions of young people who cannot even go on vacation and want to enter this sector.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu:

ekrem imamoğlu

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Ekrem İmamoğlu is a politician who is often on the agenda due to his management of Istanbul and his use of social media. In fact, the video he published with Danla Bilic recently made a sound. However, it would be wonderful if we saw him in a publication about the new design of Taksim Square and if the suggestions and ideas of the young people were discussed.

Tuzla Mayor Şadi Yazıcı, who works for children and young people to reach technological devices in the pandemic:

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Not only in Istanbul, Tuzla; Turkey Sadi their effort to reach the children and young people’s access to technological devices in each of the printer; He started the Suspended Tablet project with his team. He can organize a publication on how this project can be implemented by other municipalities, and receive suggestions from young people.

Fatma Şahin, Mayor of Gaziantep, the city of history and gastronomy:

Fatma Şahin

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Fatma Şahin, who was a minister beforehas an international reputation for its cuisine and historical texture He runs Gaziantep. His work on historical artifacts in the city, especially, has made a tremendous impact recently. He can publish a series of these works in which Gaziantep has become a brand and even explains food tourism.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer, who is stuck in our minds with his calm attitude:

bronze soyer

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Soyer, who made the city a world-class brand with the name “Cittaslow” with his works in Seferihisar district of Izmir, visited the town hall in the mornings on Twitch. turn on an IRL spring while riding a bike It wouldn’t be bad, to be honest.

Aydın Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Özlem Framioğlu, one of the exemplary names in education, animal rights and the fight against drugs:

Ozlem Framioglu

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Directing Aydın for the third time in a row, Özlem Framioğlu is known for her work in many fields, particularly women’s rights, fight against drugs and education. Of hers three consecutive missions It must be his success in these studies that enabled him to do it. Wouldn’t it be enlightening if he shared his experiences with young people on Twitch?

The manager of another city smelling history: Çanakkale Mayor Ülgür Gökhan:

ulgur gokhan

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Ülgür Gökhan, who has ruled one of the most important cities in our country’s history for the last three periods, thanks to his experience We think he has a lot to tell on Twitch streams. What would you say?

Filiz Ceritoğlu Sengel, Mayor of Selçuk, the cradle of civilizations:

Filiz Ceritoğlu Sengel

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Selçuk is a place where you will find the traces of the civilizations that controlled the city throughout history on every street. Not only from Turkey, from all corners of the world It has very valuable regions that people flock to visit. Publications to be organized by Mayor Filiz Ceritoğlu Sengel about Selçuk can inform young people in our country about cultural heritage.

BONUS: Not a mayor but “internet brother” Dr. Taylan Yildiz

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Dr. Taylor Stars, education and politicians in Turkey and one of the most extraordinary careers. Himself, especially Internet connection in Istanbul metro It came to the agenda with the studies and tests it made to establish it. By the way, he is already broadcasting on Twitch, even one of the most active politicians in social media.

We are waiting for your ideas on Twitter, let’s meet there:

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