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Why Do Smartphone Batteries Explode?

by tenderpuls

Especially after the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 incident, the biggest nightmare of device users such as all smartphones, tablets and smart watches was the battery explosion. So why do smartphone batteries explode? In this regard, as a user, there are points you need to be careful about both when purchasing and using the device.

Smartphone batteries are like bombs that we carry in our pockets and often squeeze under pillows at night. Batteries that store electrical energy and use our devices for a certain period of time are getting bigger every year. Of course, they are becoming more efficient, but as the energy need of smartphones increases day by day, we spend efficiency on new technologies. Although the number of innovations related to batteries is increasing day by day, unfortunately, there is a problem that cannot be solved: They are available to explode at any time.

So why do batteries explode, what are the things that make them so risky or that increase the probability of explosion? All together today, the most common in our smartphones lithium-ion batteries We take a closer look at why they explode. This curiosity will lead us to the chemical secrets in the phones that we have never taken away from us.

Why do smartphone batteries explode?

  • Production process errors
  • Design process errors
  • User errors
  • Charger-induced errors
  • Cost errors

Errors originating from the production process:

swelling battery

Lithium-ion, shortly Li-ion batteries, have the characteristics of a flammable and organic solvent substance among them. two electrodes with an electrolyte layer includes. Under normal conditions, these two electrodes should not touch each other thanks to the layer between them, so that no problem will arise. However, this layer may not be able to separate the two electrodes due to a minor manufacturing error, such as in the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 example years ago.

Galaxy Note 7 can happen to any phone. Because in Note 7’s, a short circuit occurs in the batteries due to the electrodes touching each other as a result of the crushing of the layer, the reaction of the chemical substances in the battery accelerates due to the rapidly increasing heat, causing swelling and explosion after a while. Samsung has eliminated this problem in its later models. However, any phone that is printed on the battery makes it more susceptible to explosion even if there is no problem in its production.

Design process errors:

burning phone

We want all our mobile devices to be small, thin, but all kinds of technology inside, batteries never end. Designers do their best in line with user requests, but sometimes the ventilation gap to balance the battery temperature is not enough in smartphones that will meet these demands, the battery becomes hot and explosion is inevitable. This situation is more common in replica phones, where design is generally not considered very important.

In fact, the smaller and higher energy capacity a battery is, the more dangerous it is. Old phone batteries were quite thick and did not have much capacity, and ktheir forehead protected them. Today, unprotected, thin batteries full of power are floating around in our pockets, ready to explode. Nevertheless, producers are taking adequate precautions in this regard.

User-induced errors:

swelling battery

Of course, sometimes it is necessary to look for the answer to the question of why the phone batteries explode. To give an example in the simplest way; your phone if you overcharge or if you charge it below 0 degrees, lithium metal accumulates on the negative electrode, becomes hot and eventually explodes inevitably. Problems experienced in case of overcharging were solved by software by most manufacturers. However, we can say that the risk is valid because such software support is not offered in replica phones.

Prolonged use also has a negative effect on phone batteries. You can be sure that there is a problem with the battery by showing the device to the technical service periodically. Because the problematic battery swells and you can no longer see it because the back cover of the phones is not opened. Than original place for cheap Using second hand or counterfeit batteries will also cause explosions.

Charger-induced errors:

exploding battery

Now, wherever we turn our head, we see either a USB cable or a charger. Moreover, their prices are quite cheap compared to the originals. Why is it cheap? Because the current controls, insulation checks that should be in a charger have not been made and none of the legal obligations are fulfilled.

All lithium-ion batteries have a certain energy storage capacity and a certain recharge time. Current strength unclear what a charger will damage the battery. Likewise, when you connect a device that does not have fast charging feature to a high-current fast charging adapter, it will definitely be harmful.

Cost-related errors:

swelling battery

Perhaps the most basic answer to the question of why smartphone batteries explode is cost. The user is using a cheaper charger and the battery is damaged. Manufacturer company maybe will make a few cents profit trying to save on a material and the result is batteries exploding with a production-related error.

Before relying on devices with lithium ion batteries that are priced below market prices you have to think again. Unusual processes and material restrictions can be made to reduce costs. Just like the manufacturer, do not put yourself at such a risk because I will make a few cents of profit.

Smart for you phone batteries We answered the question why explodes and as a user you need to pay attention we told the points. Although the Samsung case is an exception to this issue, it is generally known that large manufacturers are sensitive to the issue and fulfill legal obligations.

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