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Plugin Released That Shows Subtitles On Video While Eating Chips

by tenderpuls
Ünlü Cips Markası, Video İzlerken 'Cips Çıtırtısı' Duyunca Otomatik Altyazı Gösteren Bir Eklenti Yayınladı

Famous chips brand Lay’s has released a plug-in that will show subtitles in the video you watch as soon as you put the chips in your mouth. The idea came from a Vietnam-based company called Happiness Saigon, with which the company works.

While watching a video on a movie, TV show or YouTube, many people prefer chips as a snack. But there is a downside to eating chips while watching something. The sound in our mouth when we throw the crunchy pieces into our mouth, the sound of our ears to understand almost nothing why is this happening.

A solution to this situation is the famous chips brand Lay’s and Vietnam-based “Happiness SaigonHappiness Saigon’s solution will automatically display a caption in the video you watch as soon as you pop the chip in your mouth. Google Chrome extension was to improve.

If you want the subtitles to be turned on automatically as soon as you put the chip in your mouth:

This plugin called “Crispy Subtitles from Lay’s” was developed and recently featured with a video shared by Happiness Saigon. The plugin automatically detects the moment you pop the chip in your mouth while watching a movie, TV show or video on YouTube, and at that moment, you can send the selected subtitle in the video. is showing.

The team that developed the Crispy Subtitles plugin collected the voices of people from all over the world eating chips. The total length of the sounds obtained It was 178 hours. In other words, they had the sound of quite a lot of people eating chips. These recorded voices are used by the artificial intelligence in the plug-in to understand that you are eating chips.


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To download the add-on that promises you not to miss a thing while watching a video this link you can use. Released on March 3, the plugin has not received any updates yet. After downloading and trying the plugin, you can write your comments about the plugin below. in the comment section Do not forget to specify.

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