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Google accused of following users in incognito tab

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Google faced a lawsuit last summer as it continues to monitor its users on the incognito tab as well. Google’s request, which objected to the case and asked to drop it, was not accepted. The company will be prosecuted for following its users on the incognito tab as well.

Google faced a major lawsuit in the US in June last summer. Users on the grounds that he continued to track and collect data while in a private tab The company was accused of misleading users and violating the law by collecting data confidentially. Along with this accusation, Google is responsible for the damage to the millions of affected users. 5 billion dollars he had faced a lawsuit for damages.

However, Google did not accept the justification for this case, and Google spokesperson Jose Castenda said in a statement on the matter.The incognito tab in Chrome gives you the option to browse the internet without your activity being saved to your browser or device. As we make clear every time you open a new incognito tabwebsites may collect information about your browsing activity during your session. ‘‘he used expressions. Google then asked the case to be dropped.

The court did not accept Google’s request:

According to the latest news, the court has received this request from Google. He did not accept. In this case, Google will be prosecuted in a $ 5 billion compensation case for tracking users in private tab and collecting data. Although the information provided by Google in its statement is correct, it is ultimately misleading users and does not provide enough information about exactly what data they have collected or not. can be found unfair.

As a result of the court, Google was different at this point and a more transparent policy it can bring along a decision regarding its implementation. Of course, another option is for Google to win the case by proving it ‘made the law’ everything.

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