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First Remote Tattoo Made with Robotic Arm and 5G

by tenderpuls

In the Netherlands, T-Mobile has chosen a very different method to tell the public about the 5G connections they have just launched. Tattooed remotely using a robotic arm.

Some countries are now using 5G connectivity. So much so that GSM service providers started to advertise 5G on me. In an advertisement for the speed and consistency of 5G in the Netherlands tattooed remotely.

Actor Stjin Fransen, controlled by Wes Thomas located elsewhere with robot arm He agreed to be tattooed. The moment of tattooing was videotaped by The Mill, the developer of the robot arm.

Millimeter operation with 5G

Forging process Over 5G connection performed live. Every move the artist makes in the project with 5G connection via computer transferred to the robotic arm. Every movement the tattoo artist made live could be transferred to the robotic arm with almost no delay.

Dutch tattoo artist Wes thomashas been working on remote tattoo technologies for a while. Thomas had previously studied vegetables and prosthetic leather samples. Thus, the artist also had the chance to make the first 5G tattoo in history.


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The whole process is summarized in a 3-minute video. Video starting from the robot’s first building processincludes connection studies and the process of tattooing. In general, we see a very remarkable video.

Robot arms and 5G


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Although the example given here is a tattooing process, developing technologies how effective it is and gives an idea of ​​what to expect. We can see robot arms being used for remote interventions in different fields such as medicine and engineering.

The work of the tattoo artist was thus a first in history, and succeeded in showing the changes that may occur in the future. Who knows, maybe one of the great tattoo artists in the future get a tattoo with a remote connection It may be possible.

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