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Cross-Platform Support Coming to Legion

by tenderpuls

The Watch Dogs: Legion developer team announced that cross-platform support will be added to the game in a future update. No information was shared about when the update will be released.

The last game in the Watch Dogs series Watch Dogs: Legionwas launched in October last year. New news continues to come from the game, which was published in multiplayer mode earlier this week.

From the Twitter account of the developer team, a to share by Watch Dogs: Legion, with an update to be released in the upcoming period cross platform will gain support. Crossplay thanks to the players, on different platforms They will be able to play the game with their friends.

It is still unknown when the multiplayer mode will be released to the PC:

Ubisoft; For PlayStation 5, Xbox Series XIS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Stadia platforms Watch Dogs: Legion Online had posted the update recently. While the published update made the console and Stadia users happy, the lack of any development on the PC side upset those who were waiting.

Unfortunately multiplayer mode When to broadcast on PC There is still no information about it. At this point, if we are to guess, Ubisoft will know when multiplayer mode is also available for PC. cross platform update can broadcast. Of course, we don’t know yet whether this scenario will be real or not.

On the other hand, the developer team all on platforms Cross-Play and Cross-Gen He says he will get support. The first of these, console and PC players can play with each other on the same servers, the second is that PS4 / Xbox One of the players PS5 / Xbox Series XIS It means it can play with its players.


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Watch Dogs: Legion is currently available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC platforms. Here by clicking on the link Epic Games (PC) You can access the page and learn more about the game.

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