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10 Fabulous Films That Make A Reverse Corner With Their Final

by tenderpuls
Finaliyle Ters Köşenin Dibine Vuran 10 Şahane Film

Some movies are naughty children of the cinema world and provide great surprises at their end. These movies will surprise you if you have the habit of predicting the next scene and trying to determine what will happen while watching a movie.

We work, go to school, and we pursue different stories and adventures in order to relax a little bit in our lives. These adventures scare, laugh, surprise, entertain; sometimes it reflects facts, sometimes things that will never be true.

There are also what the screens that fit the worlds into two equal sides show us and what they do not show. Due to the habits inherent in human beings, our sense of curiosity makes predictions based on the experiences lying deep in our mind and the story entered into. Some films know very well how to do this and hit our perceptions with a surprising finale.


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With a magnificent cinematography, we reach from the fictional big screen in the film to a story that will change the destiny of human beings. Arrival, which is one of the rare productions that has a lot to think about time, has a very special place among science swag movies.


The struggle of scientists and astronauts working on the International Space Station with the first life form discovered on Mars is the subject. Scenes will remove the gravity of your environment. Its end is definitely up for debate.

The Island:

This film, which handles the predictions of the future among science fiction movies in a completely different way, will prevent you from getting up from your seat with not only the end but the whole story.

The Sixth Sense (6th Sense):

A classic production that will be watched over and over again and will not hurt even if the end is known. Many of those who like the horror and thriller genre may have watched this movie. Together with the audience, we remember the end and take a deep breath. It is not possible to define those who do not watch as moviegoers anymore.

The Usual Suspects:

The usual suspects and an unusual ending. It’s a great classic, a movie you’ll realize how unique it is every time. It is one of the movies that was postponed at the last minute while generally eager to watch it. If you get rid of this inertia, maybe you are doing a normal move.

The Prestige:

It is difficult to lock the audience to the screen with drama. Especially with such a quality period movie. For those who are wondering, let’s say that David Bowie, author and lead singer of the song Space Oddity, which is currently playing in the Tesla Roadster in space, gave life to Nikola Tesla in the film. The rest of the cast and acting is amazing. No words to the end, watch and “see the facts without being deceived”.

Momento (Mind Book):

It’s a movie that comes to mind out of nowhere and makes you say ‘I wish I hadn’t watched it right now’ because you want to watch it again and feel the same curiosity. Meanwhile, Christopher Nolan, the man behind the epic such as Inception and the Dark Knight, is directing it.

The Mist:

Normally, horror and thrillers are the most cliché productions of the cinema world with their predictability. However, this is not the case if the script is based on the novel Sis by Stephen King. Although most critics regard this movie badly, it is explained in a very effective way how a person in a difficult situation can change. Until the very end.

Shutter Island (Dungeon Island):

Just as some movies shot 30 years ago are not forgotten, Zindan Island is among these films. The film is a Martin Scorsese masterpiece and presents a fearless world of pure psychological thriller. In the epic film written by Leonardo di Caprio, the statement of living in a person’s mind will come to life.

The Man From Earth:

We start from an unbelievable story that a group of friends in a single room discuss intellectually and find answers to the biggest questions of science and human origins. We take it, and we take another cold shower. We say that science fiction movies can be made without effects, using studios and spending millions of dollars.

There are surely other films that surprise you with the end and blow your perceptions. You can specify in the comments section, have a good time 🙂

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