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Xbox Game Pass Hints For New Game

by tenderpuls

A hint was given about the new game to be added to the platform in the new post from Xbox Game Pass’s official Twitter account. Players are yet to decipher this hint that points to mysterious signals.

Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda for $ 7.5 billion was officially completed recently. With the completion of the process Bethesdawas now included in Microsoft. Giant studio joining Microsoft, Xbox Game Pass It also meant a lot to its actors.

Bethesda’s popular productions would be added to the Xbox Game Pass system. The number of these games was 20, according to the statement made the other day. Among the games were popular productions such as the Doom series, the Dishonered series, the Fallout series, the Prey and the Wolfenstein series. But the only new game coming to Xbox Game Pass soon, May not be one of Bethesda’s games.

Mystery game sharing from Xbox Game Pass:

A post from Xbox Game Pass’s official Twitter account gave players a clue about the new game. Xbox Game Pass sharing an email that appears to have been sent within the Xbox team, within this email a hint of the new game to be added to the platform He stated that he was.

In the shared e-mail, employees were informed that a new game would be added to the service, and this game was asked to be kept secret. But then “Before I go, there is something I want to ask. Recently seemed far away a mysterious signal Has anyone noticed or am I abnormal? Strange question, I know.“phrases were included.


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As we can clearly understand from these sentences, the new game to be added to the platform contains mysterious signals. This makes the players for the new game. Outriders had pushed it to the possibility that it might have happened. But this is the game’s debut on April 1 weakens the possibility. On the other hand, there is no common prediction about the mysterious signal yet.

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