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When Will OPPO’s First Foldable Phone Come?

by tenderpuls

OPPO, which recently introduced its new smartphone family Find X3, is expected to introduce its first foldable phone in the coming months. Some of the information that has emerged gives an idea about when the foldable phone will be introduced.

New smartphones recently Find X3, Find X3 Neo, Find X3 Lite and Find X3 Pro announcing, OPPO made an active start to 2021. Some new news that has emerged indicate that the Chinese smartphone manufacturer’s year will continue with the same mobility.

OPPO, which has come up with various foldable phone patents and concepts in the past months, is not yet included in this expanding part of the market, but has recently been its first. foldable phone It is thought to introduce.

The resulting information points to the second quarter of 2021:

OPPO has so far, especially the foldable phone concept with a strange design that can be folded three times, another concept with a foldable screen and a Similar to Samsung Galaxy Z Flip It was the subject of our news with a vertical foldable phone design, but these were all concept designs and none has not yet been implemented. Of course, although these were not implemented, they were considered to be a sign that the manufacturer was working on foldable phones abundantly. After the introduction of the new Find X3 family, it is now thought to be the first foldable phone in line.


Bloody Live Images of OPPO X 2021 with Rollaway Screen Appeared [Video]

According to some information that has emerged but has not yet been confirmed by official sources, OPPO’s foldable phone In the second quarter of 2021 So it will be introduced within the next 3 months. We do not yet have any information about the design details or technical features of this foldable phone. The next phone expected from OPPO after being viewed live in the past months OPPO X 2021 We know that the future phone will be ‘foldable’, which greatly reduces the possibility of the OPPO X 2021, which attracts attention with its rolling screen.

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