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Rockstar Post a Job for Cheating Issue in GTA Online

by tenderpuls

Rockstar Games has released a new job posting to fight cheaters in both GTA Online and Red Dead Online. In the announcement published by the company’s office in India, it was stated that an analyst was sought to find and report cheats and help take anti-cheating measures.

Rockstar Games’ game that is still popular today Of GTA Online for a long time with cheaters in trouble Cheating is a big problem that makes both GTA Online and another game of the company, Red Dead Online, intolerable for other players, and Rockstar Games has not done much to solve this problem except banning players.

This could change very soon, according to a new job posting posted by the company. Rockstar India in the job posting by a full-time employee at the company’s studio in Bangalore cheat operations analyst It was stated that he was searched.

Rockstar wages war on cheaters:

According to the job description made by Rockstar, the person to be selected for the role find paid cheats and it needs to generate reports on these. The person selected for the role is also expected to help set up anti-cheat measures in the game client and background services.

The use of cheats in online games is widespread, and Rockstar isn’t the only company struggling. Bungie and Rockstar recently both Destiny 2 as well as VALORANT a website that cheats for Gatocheats met to ban. While the site was shut down just days after the two companies filed a joint lawsuit BungieIt stated that it will continue to take “harsh legal action against cheat developers” for Destiny 2.


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On the other hand, a recent study found that the biggest cheating problem was In Fortnite had revealed that it was. After Fortnite Overwatch and right after CS:GO takes place.

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