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Player Phone for Computer Price: Xiaomi Black Shark 3

by tenderpuls

Xiaomi, the new player phone in early 2020 Black Shark 3He introduced. After a not-so-short break, the phone, which was recently put up for sale in our country, has attracted attention especially with its design details such as cooler and game handle.

We have taken the Black Shark 3 under the spotlight in every aspect in order to examine both the performance and the design and accessory details of the phone more closely and to share them with you. In fact, when we consider the current price line of the phone market, although it is not very high, it does not want to. Buy a computer for that price ‘ We also evaluated the price that makes you say.

What does Black Shark 3 offer its users?

Although Black Shark 3 has been launched in our country, it is a phone that was introduced in 2020 and as it is on the flagships of last year. Snapdragon 865+ Comes with processor chip. Of course, the performance of this chip is not lagging behind today’s standards, but we always expect the most up-to-date and highest hardware in a special phone for gamers that we will pay a lot of money. Still, despite this small note, we can say that the processor will not let you down in terms of performance.

When we look at the screen of the phone, it does not have a notch, 90 Hz with refresh rate 6.67 inch FHD AMOLED display Emerges. Considering that nowadays 120 Hz smartphones have taken their place in the market, the refresh rate of 90 Hz is especially a player it’s a little behind for the phone.

Black Shark 3, which has a very ‘rough’ grip in terms of design, is used with one hand. little difficulties has a structure that can take it out. Of course, considering that it is designed as a player phone, one-handed use may be a detail that is probably not paid much attention at this point. Apart from that, the design details with LED lights on the back of the phone and the coolers on the phone reinforce the feeling that the hand-held device is a player phone.

4720 mAh The Black Shark 3, which comes with a battery, exhibits a performance that will easily take a day off with daily use. 64MP main camera The phone that comes with has an ultra wide angle lens that can also be used as a macro lens. If you want to take a closer look at all the other features and performance of the phone, you can watch our video.

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