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How Did Roblox Succeed This Way?

by tenderpuls

There are many game companies that grow fast and attract all the attention thanks to their intense relationship with the press. However, this time, we will talk about Roblox, a game that has almost never announced its success story, although it is quite successful in the market where it is competitive.

One hundred million Roblox, which has a mass of players, is just one of the most popular games today. Unlike Minecraft, where it is constantly competing with its closest rival and similarities, users have the opportunity to create their own games. Robloxone step ahead. This facility not only serves millions of users, but also Roblox Corporationone of the most recognizable names in the industry.

Roblox Corp. In 16 years 4 billion dollars While it became a valuable company, it reached a significant level in the game market with the awards it received. Well it has over 100 million players Roblox How did it come to the present day? We have handled it for you.

How did the Roblox adventure begin?

The two founders of Roblox David baszucki with Eric CasselFounded by Baszucki, a company that makes educational software Knowledge RevolutionThey met in. Knowledge Revolution was founded in 1989 by David Baszucki and his brother Greg. physics experiments It was a company that offered some possibilities for them to simulate.

Later, this company was developed by MSC Software, which made professional simulation tools. For 20 million dollars Purchased. David continued with the same company for four more years before leaving as an angel investor.

Baszucki, steps ahead of the platform we know most in the social networking category. Friendsterinvested in. This investment actually seeded a part of the Roblox idea. Taken together, the legacy of Knowledge Revolution and Friendster were the two key ingredients underlying Roblox; a physics sandbox with power generation tools and a social graph.

Roblox’s first steps: DynaBlocks

Roblox map

David Baszucki and Eric Cassel, who previously met in Knowledge Revolution, in 2004 DynaBlocks They started working on the Roblox prototype named. When we came to 2005, Baszucki and Cassel were in the process of developing their previously determined DynaBlocks name. “Robots” and “Blocks” simply combining words Roblox They preferred to rename it as.

After a two-year development process until renaming, In 2006 Roblox officially was launched. Shortly after that, a premium paid service was added. Baszucki’s username in the game, who laid the foundations of the game, was “builderman” while Cassel’s was “eric.cassel”.

When we come to 2012 Roblox Mobilehas been released for the iOS operating system. Two years later, it was released for Android users. One of the founders of Roblox in this two-year period in which it expanded to the mobile platform. Eric Casseldue to cancer died.

Let’s come to 2015. Roblox, with 15 games chosen by company staff Xbox One was released for. Then, a year later, the popular VR phone of that era Oculus Rift was released for. Over ten million for Rift initially 3D the game is available.

New records with new awards:

Roblox Corp.  Awards

In 2017 RobloxAs the user base of the company continues to grow rapidly, the company started to receive quite a number of awards. Consecutively in 2016 and 2017 Inch. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies was listed among the San Francisco Business Times Technology and Innovation Award for Gaming / eSportsHe won.

In 2020 Mojang developed by and later Microsoftbought by Minecraftwith 100 million users. In 2020, the number of recorded players of Minecraft was 90 million. However, Roblox Corp. Fast Companyof World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies placed first on the list.

In 2019 488 million dollars Roblox, which recorded the highest revenue figures by earning, $ 312 millionr is moving very fast compared to income. Company officials postponed the IPO to 2021, and did not provide clear revenue information about 2020.

How did Roblox get so popular?

roblox player statistics

From Roblox Craig donato, About this topic “We are not a very marketing company. The # 1 way someone finds out about our platform is by being invited to play by a friend. The second way is by watching people playing on YouTube. So this is a very organic phenomenon ” made statements.

Also, Donato said, another reason Roblox is so popular is in an age where many children are more limited in physical world activities than previous generations. “Unmade game”He suggests that there is emphasis on a.


minecraft vs roblox

Although competing with several games at the same time, Roblox‘s biggest rival for years has always Minecraft has been. However, as sandbox games are even more common in the game market, the competition does not end with just the two.

Some of these games The Blockheads, Lego Worlds, Terraria, Blockland and Fortnite. In fact, except Fortnite, the structure of the games we have listed is roughly the same as Roblox. It revolves around players creating full-scale environments and structures using bricks or blocks.

Result: We open the doors to a bright future world

roblox characters

When we look in general Roblox CorpWe see that it has a very distant relationship with the press. Considering this and the development process of the game, we can say that the game mass is formed entirely in organic ways. Roblox, which has been released in the last twenty years and has become one of the most popular games, continues at this speed; It could become a bridge connecting players and developers to create more immersive sandbox games in the future.

This was the success story of how Roblox got to the point of getting 100 million players. What do you think about Roblox’s success story? comments You can specify in the section.

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