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Apple Releases Page Showing What Data It Collects

by tenderpuls

Technology giant Apple today launched a page showing what user data it collects with its own applications. The page featured all of Apple’s applications.

After increasing privacy concerns in recent weeks, we have seen significant movements regarding transparency in companies. If it’s the last of these moves Apple It was done by. The company, which shows what information all applications collect in the App Store, this time created a special website that shows what information it collects with its own applications.

‘Labels’ opened under Apple’s ‘Privacy’ page on the page The information collected by all the applications of the company is displayed. In total in alphabetical order on the page 62 apps takes place. When you click on one of the applications, you will see information about which data that application uses. The table looks the same as the one in the App Store.

See the data collected by all Apple apps on one page:

The web page published by Apple has shed more light on what information we collect from the applications that come pre-loaded on the phones. Apple was already showing what information its apps collect on the apps’ support pages. But with the new page all applications on the same page You will be able to examine it without hassle.

In addition, Apple does not allow any of its applications to be does not collect data that will enable follow-up stated. Applications outside of Apple must obtain their user permission to collect the data we mentioned. However, since Apple offers its apps preloaded, it is very important to assure such a thing.


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Apple, iOS 14.5 Along with the operating system version, it will introduce a new policy that application developers must comply with. With this policy, developers must first obtain the consent of the iOS user for all of the data they collect from users. will have to. Unless the user gives permission, the requested data will not be accessible.

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