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7 Unforgettable Dating Sites Engraved In Our Minds

by tenderpuls

Dating sites have been one of the most preferred websites in our country since the end of the 90’s. As such, many local and foreign dating sites have become popular in our country until today and have stolen the sleep of a generation. In this content, we take a close look at the nostalgic sites that come to mind when it comes to best dating sites.

With the beginning of the widespread use of the Internet in the 90s, websites with a concept that will continue to exist until today have also started to enter our lives. In the years when there were no mobile applications and phones were not smarter,dating siteswas able to bring people from all groups together and introduce them like never before. In fact, if you look at it, even the first version of Facebook was basically designed as a dating site, not a social media channel.

Until the 2010s, dating sites were the most popular platforms in our country. This situation still continues with Instagram, Twitter and similar social media platforms. But this is the subject of our content best dating sites It will be the old websites that come to mind first. If you are ready together, starting from the end of the 90’s on a nostalgic journey let’s go out

Unforgettable dating sites of an era:

  • mIRC
  • ICQ
  • Yonja.com
  • Orkut.com
  • hi5
  • Netlog
  • MSN

Once confused with the concept of “internet”, mIRC:

Written by Khaled Mardam using the IRC (Internet Transfer Chat) protocol. Confused with the concept of internet for a while in our country as well as the whole world mIRCis perhaps one of the first names that come to mind when it comes to best dating sites. MIRC introduced internet and computer concepts to many people in the early 2000s, and at the same time opened the doors of wealth and luxury to internet cafe owners.

It “primitiveOne of the biggest reasons why the chat program was so popular was that it was really primitive. Even if not everyone who sits at mIRC has a simple interface and understands the computer. in a few minutes he could decode the program and start talking to people. Nowadays, there is no program or site where you can just type in a username and start chatting directly with hundreds of people. But mIRC is still counterfeit software and websites still continues its existence today.

ICQ where anonymous chat is running wild:

old chat programs icq

The most popular instant messaging and dating software in the internet world between the late 90s and early 2000s ICQ (Ay-Si-Qu is a reference to the pronunciation of I Seek You in English.) before being replaced by MSN it has caused a generation to stay away from computers. In fact, ICQ developed by Mirabilis was so popular that it was bought by the media company AOL for $ 270 million in 1999.

At first, ICQ, which was only one for Windows, started to serve over the browser with the AOL era. For those who are enrolled in the ICQ UIN They chat with consecutively distributed numbers called numbers. New users can now sign up with numbers over 100 million, while ICQ’s initial low-numbered subscriptions are sold at exorbitant prices on eBay. ICQ is now ICQ New more under the name Similar to Skype and Zoom serves as a video conference and communication application.

While there was no Facebook, Yonja.com had:

yonja.com dating site

Emerging before Facebook is even more globally, and growing like a pyramid style with friend invitations Yonjawas very popular in our country for a while. Since it was released in 2002 and there was no concept like social media at that time, “ICQ with photoA copy of Friendster described as ”, Yonja was home to thousands of users as of 2004.

Offering paid membership also increased members’ trust in Yonja, and if a few people from his circle of friends became members of Yonja, it would be nearly impossible for others to become members. But Yonja’s its popularity did not last very longbecause Facebook; It has completely taken over the internet market from the first moment it came to our country, completely free of charge and with a more developed interface. For this reason, Yonja took its place among the forgotten websites of the internet.

Orkut.com, founded by Google’s Turkish engineers Orkut Büyükkökten:

orkut.com google dating site

Established at the same time as Facebook and for a few years Who managed to compete with Facebook Orkut, one of the world’s first social media sites, appears as a strange dating site with its story. Orkut, designed by Orkut Büyükkökten, who worked at Google at that time, and named after its founder, was managed by Google. Staying active for 10 years Orkut.comhad become extremely popular in Brazil for some reason.

Orkut was so popular in Brazil that Google decided to run the site from Brazil and Opening an office in Brazil was planning. But in Brazil, attention was drawn to Orkut, which led many Orkut users to be tried in courts for crimes such as racism, and many cases were called by Google itself. Orkut, which was closed by Google in 2014, died completely to the internet world. Orkut Büyükkökten, the founder of the site, continues on his way with a new platform called Hello.


Social Media Giant Founded by Google’s Turkish Engineer before Facebook: Orkut

It has become indispensable for university students hi5:

best dating sites hi5

The English equivalent of a high-five concept hi5is also the name of the dating site that is very popular in our country. As of 2007, the second largest social networking site after MySpace, hi5 is again Succumbing to facebook It tops the list of dating sites. The use of the site was very simple, users uploaded photos to their profiles and these profiles were public. Other users were viewing and commenting on your photos and you could message them.

Especially in the years 2004-2006, when Facebook did not become widespread in our country, hi5 was instrumental in meeting people from many different groups, making it an indispensable social networking site became like that. Again, like Yonja, hi5, which spreads rapidly through invitation, is a dating site that has been flooded with users immediately after its discovery.

The birthplace of the concept of “emo” that marked the beginning of the 2010s: Netlog


Another great dating site that we have made a name for our country. Netlog had happened. Netlog, which came out of Europe instead of the USA this time, was almost impossible to believe at that time. Over 10 million users he was known for the advertisements of his possessions. On this site, which is similar to hi5 in terms of usage, users uploaded photos and other users posted comments under these photos.

Over time, Netlog, getting tired of the dozens of spam emails it sends to its e-mail address every day, lost its popularity especially after malicious users were invaded and was completely closed in 2015.

… and the legend of all of us MSN:


Although not exactly a dating site, MSN today is a favorite of many people using social media as a “chatIt is the only program that introduced the concept of “. “He wrote this to his situation”, “He shared that song,” and brought us into a strange social world, almost like a generation.internet vampire”Had made it. Sharing the songs listened to from Winamp, the primitive emojis and stickers sent, the roots of the habit of messaging until the morning were laid on MSN for many people.

MSN had such an important place in our lives in the early 2000s that it caused people who had a computer at home to go to internet cafes and texting with friends or loved ones for hours. So what happened to MSN? Of course Facebook scourge it hit this platform as well. With the popularization of Facebook, MSN no longer matters. Because everything done on MSN could be done on Facebook with a more advanced and appealing interface.

When it comes to the best dating sites, we can think of many different websites. But unfortunately it is impossible to gather them all under one roof. That’s why we tried to include popular names that will bring us nostalgia in our list. Many of these sites have been buried on the shelves of history, as we have stated in the content, due to the popularity of Facebook and its radical change in social networks.

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