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10 of the toughest horror games to keep you awake

by tenderpuls

When you step into the world of horror games, you can find thousands of quality and poor quality games. In 2021, many indie developers now entered the horror games industry. So how many real horror games are there that will really scare you?

Why do we love to be afraid? Fear is serious is a distraction. If we are experiencing anxiety-filled emotions, especially on a bad day, fear content causes us to lose all of them. Watching horror movies or playing horror games are actually among the best ways to clear your mind and relax. Brain, when triggered by fear many worry and anxiety throws off his disorder, he only concentrates on “that moment”.

RÖAARIf you are tired of the creatures that suddenly come out of the dark, this series is for you. We will list many games among horror games with single player or multiplayer support. “Which should be the most important part of the horror games.”psychological fearYou will also feel the effect.

Horror game list

  • Outlast
  • Amnesia Series
  • Metro Exodus
  • Until Dawn: Rush of Blood
  • Resident Evil 7
  • The Medium
  • Nosferatu: The Wrath of Malachi
  • Until Dawn
  • The Cat Lady
  • Call of Cthulhu


Amnesia It is made in the style of the game but aims to wear the actor psychologically. “cult” takes place in horror games. If you still haven’t played or watched this game, you are in luck. Brutality we will feel behind you Outlast You will find yourself running away all the time. The most interesting part of the game is everything that moves in this game is an incredible threat to you.


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How much is a person running with a camera beating can eat I journalist man how did I find myself here? These are questions that can always be asked. Especially the in mental hospital You may have a serious trauma after the first slap you get, let’s wake up. The game can really do this with its atmosphere, without making a great effort to scare you. Think about “1 night in an abandoned mental hospitalIf there were a VR game named ”, many people would be quite afraid just because of its atmosphere. By the way, how can I not know if you are still not playing this game …

Amnesia Series

Amnesia, which has become one of the cult game series of the world of horror games, really offers players a very different experience. Amnesia For the world’s shallowest expression would be to write “there are monsters in the game, you are trying not to go crazy ehehehe”. This game series is by HP Lovecraft Call of Cthulhu It has a structure that contains serious inspirations from the universe and scares people while solving puzzles. Amnesia: Rebirth, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs have their own stories and horror elements.


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The game often tests you in “loneliness”. When I say that I am alone, I have no one, and the psychological pressure on it and the puzzles you still have to solve come into play. Amnesia it literally becomes a “simulation of fear and oppression”. Every series of the game is enormous funny Try to play by understanding the story. After every piece you will find in the game, it is almost a the book is alive it will make you like.

Metro Exodus

Russian writer Dmitry Glukhovsky ‘The novel of the Metro series may be the best of the post-apocalyptic horror games. Post nuclear war In the game set in Moscow, you get lost in the feelings of hope and fear. Inside the subway tunnels ArtyomBy trying to find other people with his wife, you will have serious experience of the damage nuclear war will do to humans and nature.


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At Metro Exodus It will be very difficult to always try to keep your morale high, as this is one of the most important systems of the game. Every decision you make and every action you make in this situation, which affects even the game finale, is very important. We definitely recommend you to play the subway series. Of the game Fallout The most important difference from the series “Dark atmosphere of the subway”. You will have to make very serious decisions in the game, and you will realize how serious effects ending a human life actually has for your character.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

The one that distributes psychology, so to speak. VR Released as Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, it clearly answers the issue of how I can go on an adventure on a roller coaster. Since the game is a VR game, an effective horror atmosphere has been created. Even the famous “piggy episode” can come to your eyes at any moment.


Until Dawn Test with Horror Machine

The most interesting part of the game is the many “phobias“To be loading.” Fear of clowns, lifeless mannequins, slaughterhouse, scary jukeboxes, etc. There are many interesting elements in the game that can capture the minds of people. Now what we write about the game is serious spoiler actually. If you have a VR device, play it, otherwise you should definitely watch someone playing. Note: The soundtrack of the game is so annoying and tension-enhancing that you can say “what have I experienced?” After you finish the game.

Resident Evil 7

You can say why not RE series but 7. Resident Evil 7 has little to do with the Resident Evil series. Even this game Capcom; “Why did he release it as Resident Evil?” You may question, which is also quite normal. There’s no end to you in the Baker family’s fantastic home, where Ethan Winters is looking for his wife Mia. By the way, you really don’t have anything to do with you. Things are not like that.


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It is a great production in survival and horror genre, but the game is actually “RE”Not. In a house where you remain as a prisoner, both fantastic and inextricable events will happen to you. By the way, if you say I love horror games very much and Resident Evil 7 If you haven’t played, do it. Whatever we write about the game will be a surprise, so best of all, let’s invite you to play the game.

The Medium

Of Marienne telling the horrible story of pain and trauma The Medium, It can be among the most successful horror productions of 2021. A great story and game has been made in the psychological horror genre, so Bloober Team It is necessary to congratulate. You go to a place like hell in the game, which has a double reality mode. The game is really rich in terms of puzzles, but the main focus of the game is the emotions of Marienne.


A Short Gameplay Video Shared From The Medium

Psychological fear Games in the genre really leave a serious impact on human life after they are finished. On The Medium you will experience many emotional transitions; The atmosphere, soundtrack and story of the game will captivate you. You can get it on the list of games that you should definitely buy and play.

Nosferatu: The Wrath of Malachi

So old, so cultvery classic, but still scares. How can a game released in 2003 blow your mind? Please ask yourself this question a lot, maybe even Nosferatu Even a review can be written about. In a castle full of dark and vampires, you will never be left behind.


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Who fell in love with our brother Rebecca Malachi named vampireHe gathered the whole family in the castle and started to kill each of them. In the game where we rescue our relatives and fight Malachi, you should not forget this; “Holy water, silver bullets and stakes save lives. ” In the game, which has all the classic vampire cults, the atmosphere is reflected in a legend due to the music. 2003 You will see how a game made by the year takes the mind of a person.

Until Dawn

With reference to the VR game, let us first clearly state that; “How many times can you play a game to end it with different endings?”. What is the butterfly effect? You will get an answer to the question Until Dawn it is really one of the most successful games of the last period among horror games. The first thing you might think of when you start the game is that you can say this is a pretty classic horror movie scenario, but things do not progress as you think.


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How do people’s decisions affect other people in Until Dawn, where you will feel the fear and tension to the fullest? Who is the weakest link in your life? Is it possible to change the past? Red Rose Mansion it is really pregnant with events that will force you very much as a psychology. The good news is that each of the characters in the game are real people you know from many TV series. How complicated can honesty and lies make things happen? Until Dawn While playing, you will understand how well the story is handled so that you will not want to “leave the console”.

The Cat Lady

Living with their cats Susan Ashworth who was sent back to the world as a result of his suicide and is the subject of the events he experienced The Cat Lady, it has become one of the major games of the psychological horror genre. The answer to the question of how the indie game got into “cult” productions is hidden in the game. You experience unnecessary relief in many scenes of the game. The players take this relief; “I suppose things have gotten all right. In fact, a completely different horrible event is triggered right after it.


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It is very difficult to understand when is real and when is not in the game. Many psychopathic details that can be experienced in real life Of the Cat Lady have inside. When you first observe the game, its graphics or game mechanics may seem very strange to you, but there is both art and a serious story in the game. Full of puzzles, The Cat Lady really psychological fear a masterpiece for lovers.

Call of Cthulhu

HP Lovecraft loves his stories and The legend of cthulhu If you have some idea about this game is for you. If you have never heard of it and you love horror games, this game is just for you. What if you say I just love mystery and research? Call of Cthulhu again for you. In the game, we get lost in a story where Pierce, who was a private detective in 1924, tries to solve the mysteries of the Hawkins family and the island on an island named Darkwater.


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The secrets of the islanders and family are so deep that who you should trust or you shouldn’t trust you do not know. Occult You are caught between sects, secret experiments in the mental hospital, and sacrifice ceremonies. By the way, when you mention one of these incidents, is this man a traitor? You ask a lot. Every decision you make in the game takes you in a different direction, every job you do can result in a broken mouth in an alley. You get really nervous in the game, very surprised and scared. Call of Cthulhu The emergence of such a game after years is really both for story lovers and video game industry it has created a tremendous experience for If you haven’t tried this game, we suggest you find a way to try it.

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