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10 Calendar Applications That Will Make You Use Your Time Efficiently

by tenderpuls

In this period, when we carried out all our works on smart and mobile devices, note taking and the operations we made on the calendar became able to fit our devices. As such, the developers also introduced various calendar applications to the market in line with the needs of the users. In our article, we will take a look at 10 calendar applications that can contribute to productivity.

As our lives have become more mobile over the years, we are almost dependent on many smart devices and mobile applications throughout the day. calendarIn addition to applications such as calendar, note-taking, there are applications developed even for water drinking times. Although this situation creates the perception that people are becoming more lazy for one segment, it is considered as a necessity for a productive life for another segment.

There are dozens of different actions within a 24-hour period in lives where school, work and daily life have become a marathon. However, mental fatigue occurs and some options are needed to increase efficiency. In this article, we will talk about some applications that will contribute to your productivity in daily life.

10 calendar apps that will help you spend 2021 more efficiently:

  • Google Calendar
  • Jorte Calendar
  • 24me
  • One Calendar
  • Microsoft To Do
  • GTasks
  • Todoist
  • Planny 3
  • Plantie
  • Don’t Break The Chain!

For the most mobile version of the cardboard calendar on your desk: Google Calendar

  • Developer: Google LLC
  • Size: It depends on the device
  • Point: 4.3

Google Calendar, one of the most popular calendar applications published, can be referred to as the digital and slightly improved version of the desktop cardboard calendars we used before the calendars were fitted to mobile devices. Google Calendar offers a highly detailed environment for planning your days and work.

For an almost fully customizable calendar and agenda: Jorte Calendar

Jorte Calendar

  • Developer: Jorte Inc.
  • Size: It depends on the device
  • Point: 4.0

Jorte Calendar, which allows you to customize your personal calendar as you wish, includes themes and options suitable for all ages. The application, which makes it possible to prepare a suitable environment for every business and plan thanks to its customization options, can work integrated with the Google Calendar application.

For a calendar application that can be your personal assistant: 24me


  • Developer: 24me
  • Size: 30 MB
  • Point: 3.9

24me, which includes all the smart options that a calendar application can offer, allows you to pay your bills, receive birthdays notifications and share your current calendar with people with extremely simple moves. 24me, Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, Yahoo! It can be integrated with applications such as Calendar.

If you are looking for a simple, useful and simple calendar app: One Calendar

One Calendar

  • Developer: Code Spark
  • Size: It depends on the device
  • Point: 4.6

If you are tired of calendar applications that contain complex and unnecessary details, you can check out One Calendar. In addition to having an extremely simple interface, One Calendar can gather many calendar applications on the market under one roof. This helps you to create a more organized calendar.

For an application that can be used as a notebook in addition to the calendar: Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To Do

  • Developer: Microsoft
  • Size: It depends on the device
  • Point: 4.5

Microsoft To Do, which is actually a “To Do” application, can help you have a more productive day by placing your daily plans on the calendar. To Do allows you to create different lists that you can fully customize, and also allows you to add media content for each item you create.

  • Microsoft To Do


  • Microsoft To Do


If you have trouble keeping track of what to do during the day: GTasks


  • Developer: Appest Inc.
  • Size: It depends on the device
  • Point: 3.7

If you have a busy routine that requires you to work under different main topics, you can seek help from GTasks. Despite having a simple interface, GTasks can provide a very wide working environment. Another feature that distinguishes GTasks from other applications is that you can speed up your processes by opening different tabs within the application.

To create a collaborative environment on the calendar: Todoist


  • Developer: Doist
  • Size: It depends on the device
  • Point: 4.5

Todoist, chosen as one of the best “To Do” apps of 2020, includes almost all the options you could ask for a “To Do” and calendar app. The most important detail that makes Todoist stand out from other applications is that you can instantly work with your friends on a single calendar.

For a “To Do” application that will integrate with your calendar: Planny 3

Planny 3

  • Developer: Kevin reutter
  • Size: 7.1 MB
  • Point: 4.1

Planny 3, which was developed only for the iOS operating system, can work integrated with all your Apple devices. Planny 3, which is easy to use and easy to use thanks to the interface it uses, also supports media contents. It is worth adding that Planny 3 also includes in-app purchases. Unfortunately, you have to pay a fee to use the app’s media support.

For a fun app where you grow a plant while managing your time: Plantie


  • Developer: JU HU
  • Size: 85.9 MB
  • Point: 4.7

Plantie, where you enter a game environment while keeping track of your daily or weekly goals, offers a plant to each user. Plantie, where you grow the plant you have acquired if you complete the tasks you have added, stops the growth of your plant when you do not complete the tasks.

For an application that will refresh your motivation while achieving your goals: Breaking the Chain!

Don't Break The Chain!

  • Developer: Beyza Hilal Durak
  • Size: 30 MB
  • Point: 4.1

Thanks to Youtuber Barış Özcan, “Don’t Break The Chain!”Method was added to the App Store by Turkish developer Beyza Hilal Durak in Turkish. Don’t Break The Chain! The application named can be your companion in pursuing the goals you have set and taking action.

  • Don’t Break The Chain!


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