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Instagram Reels Videos Can Be Played on WhatsApp

by tenderpuls

It turned out that WhatsApp developers are working on a new feature. This feature will allow users to play Instagram Reels videos via WhatsApp. The feature with an unknown release date is the latest in Facebook’s platform integration steps.

World’s largest social networking company Facebookhas been trying to unite the platforms it has had for a while. In this context, the company has taken dozens of steps in recent years, one of the simplest examples of which was to combine the direct messaging services of Instagram and Facebook applications. The latest news is Facebook this time, WhatsApp with Instagramreveals that he is trying to zoom in.

The new feature WhatsApp is working on is the Reels videos It will allow it to be played from WhatsApp. In other words, users can reach Instagram for the Reels videos they will send with the launch of this feature. they won’t have to. WhatsApp will be able to open such videos directly.

The feature will be available to users in upcoming updates

Details about the new feature that WhatsApp developers are working on it is not clear. In addition, it is currently unknown when the feature will be available. The WABetaInfo team, who created the feature, states that the feature will be available in one of the upcoming updates. But they too on date they do not have information.


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New feature in preparation for WhatsApp, Facebook’s service integration the newest example of his initiatives. In addition to wanting to unite its platforms with such moves, the company is trying to launder the Facebook platform, which has been reacted by users due to user privacy and data security. However, users can hardly avoid such initiatives. they are not affected looks like. Let’s see if Facebook can achieve its purpose this time.

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