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How Many Hours Does It Take To Watch The Best TV Shows Of All Time?

by tenderpuls

The Picodi.com analytics team calculated how many hours were needed to watch the best TV shows of all time. It takes months to even watch the entire list, where the series are selected based on IMDB scores and viewership numbers, in a single sitting.

Nowadays, with the increase of online broadcasting platforms, a new series has started to enter our lives every day. So that watching serieshas become one of the most popular forms of entertainment for people, especially during the pandemic period. Well, have you ever thought how much time we spend watching all these productions?

Picodi.com The analytics team calculated how much time should be spent watching the most important TV shows from world popular culture. In comparison IMDb highest rating on and the largest number of viewers owner productions were selected. Let’s take a look at how long it takes to watch all these series.

How long does it take to watch the most popular TV shows?

When we look at the list, the first place, which is an animation project Simpsons takes place. Aired since 1989, the series is almost From 700 episodes occurs and naturally takes a lot of time to watch. To watch all the seasons of the series aired since 1989 322 hours need to spend.

Second place after The Simpsons, all 15 seasons lasted 246 hours Supernatural third place with 131 hours Housein fourth place with 116 hours The Walking Dead and in fifth place with 114 hours South Park takes place.

Of course, it is not necessary to spend hours in front of the screen to keep up with popular culture. At this point although it is short Among the productions that have won the appreciation of millions of people, it has a viewing time of 5 hours 27 minutes. Chernobly with 6 hours 35 minutes Queen’s Gambit has.


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Finally, if someone decided to watch all these productions in one sitting, the total 2806 hours he should have spent. In terms of comparison; Even when we consider that they only sleep 8 hours a day, this period is about To 175 days coincides.

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