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Crysis’ Survival Game May Be Coming

by tenderpuls

A video falling on the anonymous sharing platform called 4chan excited Crysis fans. In this video, which was removed minutes after it was shared, a new Crysis game was played. The statements of the eyewitnesses reveal that the game is not yet complete.

We had the opportunity to meet for the first time in 2007 and became a legend in those years. Crysis, has reappeared with the Remaster version last year. The version, which brought great improvements especially in graphics, was also accepted by players around the world. If the latest information about the game comes in the near future a new Crysis game reveals that we can meet with.

According to some allegations made in the past months, the Crytek team battle royale a series of new games was developing. However, in the following periods, there was no official development on this issue. A video that fell on the anonymous sharing platform called 4chan yesterday evening excited Crysis fans. Because, according to this video, Crysis has not yet incomplete The likely survival game was probably played by developers.

Leaked video removed within minutes

Video shared on 4chan, very soon after being shared deleted. Therefore, we could not watch the video in question, nor could we have screenshots of the video. However, eyewitnesses say they saw some graphics overlays in the video were not completed. This is the game is being developed a clear indication.


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The information revealed over the past months, the survival game of Crysis it will be free was revealing. If the developer team has such an opinion, the newest game of Crysis will be played by all players who wish to can be experienced. However, what this game has to offer will remain a big secret for now.

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