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The cult TV series Friends is coming to Netflix

by tenderpuls

The cult series Friends, which is among the legends of the sitcom genre and continues to be watched both throughout its broadcast life and afterwards without losing anything from its popularity, is coming to Netflix again.

Friends, first episode aired September 22, 1994 It has been one of the most talked about productions over the years with its ever-growing audience. Friends, where we watch the stories of six iconic and close friends, 10 seasons have been on the screens throughout and each one of them is more fun than the other. Section 235 met with the audience.

The series, which we have had the opportunity to watch on different platforms with the change of companies that have purchased broadcasting rights frequently in recent years, finally met with the audience on HBO Max. It is also about Friends, which has not lost its popularity to anyone for years on sites that broadcast pirated online series. Good news from Netflix came. Followers of the series will now be able to access all episodes on Netflix.

No joke: Friends is back on Netflix on April 1


The Most Popular Episodes of Unforgettable TV Series Friends

Netflix made from Turkey’s Twitter account announced the news by sharing with Friends, As of April 1 It will take its place on Netflix with all its episodes. This news is very good news for those who have not watched the series before, those who want to watch it again for the tenth time, or those who are ready with the ‘legendary Friends episodes’ list.

The Friends special is also on the way:



What did the Friends cast do after the drama ended?

Friends has been on our agenda in recent years with rumors that a new special episode will be coming. First spreading like an urban legend, then From HBO Max After this news, which became official by being heralded by the coming news, the pandemic divided the exciting wait, this new special episode of the series shooting was delayed.

The new special episode of the legendary series, which we can watch on Netflix with its old episodes, will be broadcast on HBO Max. Finally, last November, we knew him as Chandler, one of the favorite characters of the series. A post by Matthew Perry It was said that the shooting will continue in March, but there is no new development in this regard yet.

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