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One Pokemon Go Player Collects 11,400 Pokemon in 24 Hours

by tenderpuls

An unprecedented event took place at Pokemon Go’s Community Day event, which was held recently. A gamer traveled 130 kilometers on his bike and collected 11,400 Pokemon. 139 of them were in the “shiny” category.

According to almost every country in which great interest in Turkey but not published Pokemon GoThis time, it hosted a remarkable record. A player named “tarotirota” who made the best of the “Community Day” event of the developer team, 11 thousand 400 Pokemon in 24 hours managed to catch. This unprecedented success surprised Pokemon Go fans.

tarotirota explained how he collected 11,400 Pokemon with his statements on Twitter. “The hardest part of the process is to store so many Pokemon.”Poke Balls“The Pokemon Go fan, who says he is, says he managed to collect so many Pokemon thanks to his 2,900 Poke Balls. On the other hand, this player has every Pokemon he collects.”Pokemon HomeBy transferring to the application named “”, he managed to hide all the Pokemon he caught.

The cost of 11,400 Pokemon: 130 kilometers by bike

No matter how many events are being held, collecting characters in Pokemon Go is not that easy. Moreover, if what we are talking about is 11 thousand 400 Pokemon, this player’s About 8 Pokemon needs to be collected per minute. tarotirota achieved this feat by jumping on his bike. Pokemon Go fan, to be able to have such a big record He had to travel 130 kilometers says.


First-Time Player Reach Level 50 in Pokemon Go

tarotirota achieved great success with 11,400 Pokemon it collected. However, this player has not only owned such a large number of Pokemon. Because 139 of the Pokemon collected, “shiny“It was in the category. So Pokemon’s color ofwas different than its counterparts. tarotirota has written its name in Pokemon Go history in gold letters with this success.

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