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Google’s Full-Coverage Feature Comes to Search Results

by tenderpuls

Google’s Full Comprehensive feature, which allows you to see how local or global events are handled from a different perspective, comes to the search results. But the property in Turkey will be available in the coming months.

GoogleAlthough it already has the world’s most popular web search engine, it continues to add new features to its search results to better serve users. Google, which has recently updated its search results once again, “Fully Comprehensive” has created a new result page that we can translate as.

As a matter of fact, Google introduced the “Full Comprehensive” feature for the first time in 2018, The News had published for its application. The feature in question; about an incident Top news, local headlines, in-depth articles, descriptions, interviews and more It allowed you to view it on a single page. In this way, users a single event seeing from different perspectives they could interpret it in the most correct way.

Google’s Full Range feature will be available in the coming months in Turkey


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Google is using the Full Comprehensive feature, where it brings together the most read and conveying news about an event from different perspectives, and more. it moves to the search results page. This way, you will be able to easily access the maximum number of accurate and local information about events such as COVID-19 that are “written and drawn” a lot.

Google says the All-Inclusive feature will be used for special events such as the Champions League Final and long-term events that affect large audiences such as COVID-19. Google will only be able to support the feature starting today. US and English made available as. It was stated that it will be available in different language options and in different countries in the coming months.

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