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Go viral on social media, iPhone 12 is full to brim

by tenderpuls

A video that started to spread on social media attracted great attention from internet users. This video featured fishermen who found a container believed to have fallen into the sea due to a storm. Because of their curiosity, the fishermen drilled a hole in the container and looked at what happened and screamed joy when they saw that they had found thousands of iPhone 12s.

Recently, social media platforms are very an interesting sight fell. In this video, which was not known when and where it was shot, a container thought to have fallen into the sea due to a storm was found by chance by fishermen. The fish, wondering what was inside, opened a small hole in the container, and joined a wave of joy and surprise at what they saw. Because that container, iPhone 12 was full to the brim.

The fall of the video on social media has also attracted great attention from users. While some humorists say that the container in question belongs to their own, others say that these devices are that you are indifferentThey argued that it wouldn’t work as it was. In addition, when the container, which was full to the brim, some phones fell into the sea, some internet users it sore inside.

Here is a view from that video

The video that went viral offers a very brief snapshot of the event. However, what happened after the closing of the video, what happened to the devices and fishermen Unknown. Regarding the matter, any of the officials in the Apple front or in the country where the concierge is located. no explanation came. If you want to watch that video, here You can use the link.


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