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$ 87K Xbox Series X Joystick [Video]

by tenderpuls

YouTuber Linus Sebastian designed an Xbox Series X joystick from 1.8 kilograms of 18-karat gold. The cost of the game handle, which is not very easy to use, is 87.5 thousand dollars.

Microsoft, the next generation game console Xbox Series X‘was put on the market at the end of last year. The software giant has kept the design of the Xbox game handle substantially similar to the previous generation in the next generation game console. However, YouTuber Linus Sebastian will bring many gamers’ dreams to the Xbox Series X joystick.update”Realized.

Linus Sebastian, who recently posted a new video on the Linus Tech Tips YouTube channel, 1.8 kilograms of 18k gold redesigned with. Replacing the original, soft textured design with shiny and slick metallic design, Linus Tech Tips is probably the the most expensive Xbox Series X joystick He designed it.

The Xbox Series X is an affordable product, at least abroad, with a price of $ 499. However, the cost of the Xbox Series X joystick, redesigned by Linus Tech Tips, is exactly 87,500 dollars. Therefore, this joystick, whose appearance is admired, is not considered a price / performance product.

Although Linus Tech Tips mostly uses gold material while designing the body, it is silver, zinc and copper alloy have also used it. Considering that this Xbox Series X joystick with an 18-karat gold body weighs more than 1.8 kilograms and has a slippery surface, we can say that its use is not as “good” as it looks.

Video of the Xbox Series X arm made of 18 karat gold

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