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YouTube To Cut US Taxes From Creators

by tenderpuls

According to the statement made by YouTube, US taxes will now be reduced from YouTube revenues generated by viewers in the USA. So many YouTube channels will do the same job and earn less.

The world’s largest video sharing platform YouTubeannounced that it will now cut US taxes from non-US content producers. YouTube’s tax cuts Thousands of YouTube channels around the world are likely to be affected by this change, although the change in its policy will only cover the revenues that creators earn from their viewers in the US.

According to a video posted on the official “YouTube Creators” YouTube channel, the change will come It will take effect as of June. Content producers, Turkey or the world any other country even if they are viewing ads that have been obtained thanks to the viewers in the US, YouTube Premium, Super Chat, Super Stickers and “Join” US taxes to pay for income.

Channels that earn income from YouTube users in the USA will pay taxes to the USA, regardless of the country they are in.

YouTube states that the changes will apply to everyone involved in the YouTube Partner Program, and that you will receive a request via Google AdSense in the coming weeks to submit your updated tax information. In addition, YouTube will increase creators’ total earnings if tax information is not updated correctly by May 31st. up to 24 percent deductions He expresses that he can see.

The USA is one of the markets where YouTube has the most “solid” user base, and many creators who are aware of this situation either shoot their videos in English or offer English subtitle support. Thus, including the ones in Turkey US-sourced YouTube revenue many creators will bid farewell to some of their revenues by June.


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YouTube already about 45 percent of revenue from ad impressions and 30 percent of the revenue from Join subscriptions was deducted from creators. With the new tax update, creators will bid farewell to some of their income from their US audience. More details on YouTube’s tax update will be released in the coming days.

YouTube’s video about the new tax cuts

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