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33-Year-Old Football Game Has Arrived on Steam

by tenderpuls

The MS-DOS soccer game MicroProse Soccer, which was released for PC and Commodore 64 at the time, was released on Steam. Those who want a nostalgic experience can buy the game for 9 TL.

It is an MS-DOS game developed by Sensible Software and Microprose in 1988 and released by Ziggurat. MicroProse Soccer, from the first meeting with gamers 33 years later It was released on Steam and offered to PC gamers who can’t give up the classics.

You can participate in the World Cup or international competitions in MicroProse Soccer, where you can fight with your friends or against artificial intelligence. Original game, late 80’s and early 90’s PC and Commodore 64 while carrying the football passion of their owners to the virtual world; Unlike games like FIFA and PES, the new version released on Steam nostalgic appeals to feelings.

If you are wondering how football fans played games 33 years ago; Let us point out that you cannot satisfy this curiosity for free. Because MicroProse Soccer is on Steam 9,04 TLIt has a “discounted” price tag of. If you think this price is not much for a small nostalgic journey here You can access the game’s Steam page by clicking.

By the way; MicroProse Soccer’s extremely minimized system requirements Let’s also mention that you need it. The game that needs a Windows 7 or higher operating system, Pentium 4 and higher processorIt can be played on any computer with 256 MB of RAM, a graphics card with DirectX 9 and above driver, and 76 MB of storage.

MicroProse Soccer promotional video

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