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Why Are Hollywood Explosions and Real Explosions Different?

by tenderpuls

YouTuber named Tom Scott explained why there are big differences between real-life booms and Hollywood booms. There is only one reason for the difference, according to the video of the YouTuber, who conducted an impressive experiment with an engineer he received assistance from.

Having interesting content on topics such as science and technology Tom scottIn his last video, he tackled a very noticeable subject. This issue was why the explosion scenes in Hollywood movies were unlike real life ones. Scott met with an engineer for the video, watching visual feast has produced a content.

Making a statement about the subject in the video, Stephen Miller said that the main thing wanted in Hollywood movies beautiful view He expresses that they want it to have a minimal impact on damage. In the video, a plastic explosive based on PETN (pentaerythritol tetranitrate) Semtex 1AThe team, which exploded, says that although this explosive, which is normally used in the military field, is weak in appearance, the damage it has done is high. In fact, even the first explosion in the video you will watch shortly is the kind that will make many things understandable.

According to the video, the image of a real explosion is as follows

Miller says the main reason for the difference between real bangs and Hollywood movies is, a bag of petrol He expresses that. The engineer said that less explosives were used during the filming, but a bag of gasoline was put at the point where the explosion occurred, and the gasoline that started to burn at the time of the explosion was both large and creating flames that turn yellow He says that it also emits pitch-black smoke, resulting in a unique image.

The image that appears in the explosion scenes in Hollywood movies is as follows:

Hollywood explosion scene

As you can see in the photo above, the explosion scenes in Hollywood movies are almost a visual feast. However, this feast, in terms of damage, Semtex 1A Can’t even get close to him.

To sum up all this, the only reason Hollywood movie explosion scenes are different from real life explosions is, a bag of petrol

Here’s that video showing the difference between explosions

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