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Unforgettable characters that Rasim Öztekin gave life

by tenderpuls

Turkey with all the news of the death of the bull’s law, we feel as though lost one of our family Rasim Öztekin; he was a masterful artist who could not be said anything for him. The characters brought to life by Rasim Öztekin, who won the throne in the hearts of the people with his theater plays, series and films, are among the unforgettable.

There are some artists that we watch and listen to as if we were a family friend chatting with us on the sofa of our house, not on the stage, on the screen or on the TV. Rasim Öztekin was one of them. After the news of the death of Rasim Öztekin, the true folk artist, who established the throne in the hearts of all people in his decades-long artistic life, all parts of the country were grieved.

The departure of real artists feels like the departure of a family member. Even if Rasim Öztekin passed away He left us such a great legacy that the works we grew up will continue to be enjoyed even by our grandchildren in the future. Whatever we say will come short, so we wanted to remember him with some of the unforgettable characters that Rasim Öztekin gave life to with his masterful acting.

Briefly, who is Rasim Öztekin?

Born in Istanbul in 1959 Rasim Öztekin, He started his education life in Galatasaray High School and continued at Istanbul University Faculty of Communication School of Press. Debut on the stage In 1977, it was in Kadıköy Public Education Center. He met Ferhan Şensoy through the Theater on Duty.

Participating in the Sentry Theater team, which is the amateur structure of Ferhan Şensoy’s Ortaoyuncular team, Rasim Öztekin, started professional theater here and performed numerous theater plays with this team. Having stepped into the world of cinema and television over the years, Rasim Öztekin gave life to unforgettable characters here as well. The master player was 62 years old when he passed away on March 8, 2021.

Unforgettable characters brought to life by Rasim Öztekin;

  • Muzo – Pardon
  • İsmail – Wedding Association
  • Bob Marley Faruk – GORA
  • Cavit – Dairy Philosopher
  • Hosé Ricardo – When Chance Breaks the Door
  • Sociable – Bully
  • Solomon – The Reverse World
  • Saffet – Father’s Money
  • Fehmi – Eighties

Muzo – Pardon

Written and directed by Ferhan Şensoy, the play Very Strange Investigation, in the movie Pardon, adapted to the cinema by Mert Baykal, as a result of meaningless coincidences that happened to them It tells the story of three friends who have been in prison for years. The dialogues of Rasim Öztekin, who gave life to the character of Muzo in the game and in the movie, with Ferhan Şensoy, who gave life to the character of İbrahim, are among the unforgettable of the comedy world.

İsmail – Wedding Association

A sequel was shot with the title of Düğün Dernek 2 Sünnet, for the movie Düğün Dernek, which caught a considerable fan base with its first film that was released in 2013. In the movie; The son of the character Ismail, played by Rasim Öztekin Deciding to marry a Latvian girl We watch the absurd and absurd as well as funny events that took place afterwards.

Cavit – Dairy Philosopher

The 2014 movie, Dairy Philosopher, is a remarkable production with its story and philosophical expression that question the life we ​​live in. In the film, we watch Rasim Öztekin as a rich and ambitious businessman. When this ambitious businessman wants to buy Mustafa Ali’s land to build a hotel life is not long enough for such ambitions we understand. In 2015, a sequel was released under the name of Mandıra Filozofu İstanbul.

Hosé Ricardo – When Chance Breaks the Door

Written and directed by Tayfun Güneyer, the 2005 film Şans Kapiyi Kırınca has one of the most distinctive stories in Turkish cinema. In the movie; With the award they won from the competition, named Barbunya, to an island under military dictatorship We watch the funny events as a result of the father of the family going on vacation resembling a dictator and his twin. Rasim Öztekin gives life to the character Hosé Ricardo, one of the dictator’s commanders, in the film.

Sociable – Bully

In the 2007 film Kabadayı, written by Yavuz Turgul, the master name of the cinema and directed by Ömer Vargı, we watch the encounter between the daring bully of the past and the dark mafia of the day. Surmeli Rasim Öztekin watching in a quite different role We see many master actors together in the film.

Solomon – The Reverse World

The 1993 film Reverse World, which was adapted to cinema by Orhan Kemal’s novel of the same name under the direction of Ersin Pertan, is among the most remarkable films of the Turkish cinema world with its story. The world is turning upside down in the movie and the gender roles are changing. Where women act like men and men act like women In the film, Rasim Öztekin puts his signature under an unforgettable performance with the character of Süleyman.

Saffet – Father’s Money

During the heritage sharing after the death of one of the richest business people of the country, in the 2020 film Baba Money, written and directed by Selçuk Aydemir different stepchildren to appear and we watch these boys fight funny. Rasim Öztekin gives life to the character of his ambitious uncle Saffet in the film.

Kuddisi – Extended Family:

Some of you remember the family series Extended Family, which left its mark on the end of the 2010s. Rasim Öztekin, in the series father of the familyHowever, he appeared with Fehmi, who was another family man in the Eighties, for many years. With its unforgettable characters, the Broad Family series has become a phenomenon adapted to feature films.

Fehmi – Eighties

The Eighties series, which started broadcasting in 2012, was broadcast daily on TRT 1 channel in 2019 with new episodes after the final in 2017; It is a neighborhood series that tells about the recent history of our country and draws attention with its funny, emotional and impressive scenes. Like every character in the series felt to be one of us Rasim Öztekin gave life to the character of family father Fehmi. It will be very difficult for everyone to fill their void.

Bob Marley Faruk – GORA

The 2004 GORA movie, written by Cem Yılmaz and directed by Ömer Faruk Sorak, is regarded as one of the most successful science fiction films in the history of Turkish cinema. Arif, who was kidnapped to the planet GORA in the film, met characters such as Bob Marley Faruk, 216, Ceku, played here by Rasim Öztekin. trying to get rid of the planet we watch. The side story of the film, AROG 2008, and the sequel Arif V 216 was released in 2018.

Theater plays starring Rasim Öztekin:

rasim öztekin, theater

Rasim Öztekin’s professional theater journey started with the On-Duty Theater team It continued with Ortaoyuncular. The team played numerous plays together and Rasim Öztekin gave life to unforgettable characters. You can watch some of these theater plays on Ortaoyuncular YouTube channel.

  • Banana Musical
  • Long Johns Quixote
  • Wasps
  • The Song With The Tram Inside
  • I’m Selling Istanbul
  • Abstract Sultan
  • Tired Matador
  • Television Series That Are Good for Dummies
  • Haldun Taner Cabaret
  • Very Strange Investigation
  • It is expensive to live without money
  • Fişne Pahçesu
  • First Hand Medium Game for Sale by Owner
  • Root Done Zıkkım Zulada
  • Someone is peeking at us
  • Bosnian and His Kalf
  • They Shoot the Kings

… and of course Rasim Öztekin, the turban of the Theater:

rasim öztekin, turban

Pishekar and Kavuklu are two indispensable characters in traditional Turkish theater. Pishekar stands out with its purity, while Kavuklu, also known as improvisation Makes his mastery speak with the art of tauat. Kel Hasan Efendi is the first owner of the turban that represents this mastery in our history. After Kel Hasan Efendi, the owner of the turban is İsmail Dümbüllü, as we all know.

İsmail Dümbüllü transferred this turban to master actor Münir Özkul in 1968. Münir Özkül, who carried the turban with honor for years, started a new era by transferring it to Ferhan Şensoy in 1989. Ferhan Şensoy, after performing plays that give the turtle its worth for years, in 2016, Rasim Öztekin, whom he played with for years.

With his death, people from all parts of the country mourn, the true artist of the people, the master name Rasim Öztekin’s unforgettable characters we wanted to commemorate him by telling at least some of it. A few pages of writing are not enough for all the artist’s signature productions, it is necessary to give a life like him.

Rasim Öztekin, the important name who deserves this turban with years of skill, unfortunately, because he can no longer go on the stage due to health problems. To Şevket Çoruh in 2020 transferred. Greetings from here to all the turbans.

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