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Pepe Le Pew Cartoon Character Has Been Received

by tenderpuls

The skunk-shaped cartoon character Pepe Le Pew, who entered our lives in 1945, was unplugged. This was because of the character’s personality. Warner Bros., who made the final decision about the character who was claimed to normalize rape in the past weeks, finished Pew.

Popular skunk of the cartoon world “Pepe Le Pew“, was out of the squad. The character, which has been in the focus of discussions for a while, has been canceled following the recent reactions. Looney Tunes This character will not be featured in the movie …

Warner Bros. has been working on a new movie for some time. Scheduled to be released in July Space Jam: A New Legacy One of the characters in this movie named Pepe Le Pew was. However, a short while ago, rumors were made that Pew was removed from this movie. According to a report in The Hollywood Reporter, Pepe Le Pew was removed from both Space Jam: A New Legacy and in no project after that. will not take place managed to verify. So why was such a decision made for a cartoon character? Moreover, this character was extremely popular even decades ago …

Pepe Le Pew believed to normalize rape

The New York Times recently published an article about Pepe Le Pew. In this article, the cartoon character who waged war, normalizes rape was defended. In fact, such a heavy accusation was not unfounded. Because Pepe Le Pew, whatever you see heartbreaking had a structure. The events that have been going on for years and sometimes reaching the point of harassment are now over.


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The character, which was first used in 1945, has always been same personality traits had. Pepe Le Pew, who tried to seduce another character in each cartoon, was criticized by other parties from time to time. Warner Bros. these criticisms not ignored and in fact seems to have made a decision that should have been taken in many previous years.

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