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MGM Studios’ Iconic Lion Logo Has Been Renewed [Video]

by tenderpuls

MGM Studios has modified its iconic lion logo. The company, which made the logo more modern with the change, shared a monogram compatible with this logo. The main thing that made the logo special was that MGM did not use a real lion to create this logo.

One of the important names of the cinema industry MGM Studios (full name Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer), used since 2012 “Lion“li in the logo made changes. While our iconic lion underwent a small change with this change, the font types of the inscriptions in the logo were also updated. The logo is now more modern have a view.

In fact, it is necessary to look very carefully to see the innovations in MGM Studios’ logo. Because the company, in the previous logo metallic parts made it more vivid and detailed it a little more. Also “LeoThe lion named “CGI” in the new logo.computer generated imageryThis is a development that will delight animal rights advocates. did not benefit.

This is what MGM Studios’ new logo looks like

MGM’s previous logo looked like this

MGM logo

The renewal of the logo was not the only innovation MGM Studios made. Using the initials for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, the company has created a new monogram also created. This monogram is “Art is for art.” Latin equivalent of the phrase and we see in the logo “Ars gratia artisIt contains the words “. The created monogram looks like this;

MGM Studios

In order to share with the public all these changes, the company has made a sign showing the change of its logo. video prepared. In the video we shared with you right below, you can see how MGM Studios logos have changed over the years.

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