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IPhone 13 Pro Concept from Turkish Designer

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Turkish designer Hasan Kaymak shared his concept designs for iPhone 13 Pro, iMac Pro, AirPower and AirTags. While the iPhone 13 Pro concept makes you smile with its notchless display, with the charging port removed, “you too?” makes you say.

One of the largest technology companies in the world AppleWill perform its first launch event this year on March 23 and present its new products to consumers. At the event in question, Apple M1 will be powered by the new processor iMac Prowill take the MagSafe experience a step further AirPower and AirTagsIt is said that it can be introduced.

Turkish designer Contact Hasan directlycreated a new concept design video for the event, which will take place approximately two weeks later. In addition to the products listed above in the video iPhone 13 Pro‘or Kaymak, which includes some details that will excite Apple fans.

Depending on the concept, you will be able to turn the AirPower into a charging station by fixing it on the wall.

The first product that attracts attention in the video is AirPower, which can charge both AirTags and two different iPhones at the same time. AirPower, which will have a magnetic structure just like MagSafe announced last year, as well as mobile use a fixed charger can also be used as. AirPower, which can be fixed to the wall thanks to the spaces behind it, can be used as a charging station.

Speaking of iPhone; Hasan Kaymak includes some of the expected changes in iPhone 14 in the iPhone 13 Pro concept. At the beginning of these unnotchedtrue end-to-end design and charging input removed takes place. The slider is going for a major update to the rear camera design while keeping the flat screen bezels in the iPhone 12 family.

Say goodbye to charging input on iPhone 13 Pro

iphone 13 pro

Like all smartphone manufacturers, Apple will one day get rid of notches. It is not known whether this important change will happen on the iPhone 13 Pro, but the iPhone 13 Pro design without notch presented by Hasan Kaymak. that it is much more pleasing to the eye we can easily say.

It has been talked for a while that Apple can remove the charging input from iPhones, and Hasan Kaymak says goodbye to the Lightning input in the iPhone 13 Pro concept, which he shared by listening to these rumors. So for iPhones one charging option, wireless charging is becoming. It is difficult to predict already whether Apple will actually implement such a radical design change.

Hasan Kaymak’s iPhone 13 Pro, AirPower and iMac Pro concepts


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