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CS: GO’s Steam Listing Page ‘Deleted’

by tenderpuls

Valve deleted the listing page of one of the world’s most popular games, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, on Steam. Although this is thought to be an error, the data in SteamDBInfo suggests that an unauthorized access event may have occurred. Valve has not yet made a statement on the issue.

There has been a development affecting the video game world in the past hours. Founder of Steam ValveThe listing page on Steam of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), one of the most popular games ever published “wiped out“. Yes, you did not hear wrong. The company will most likely collect all the data about the game on its own platform. by mistake wiped.

The event, whose occurrence is unknown, was noticed by Steam users. Players trying to get to the page of the game on Steam, an interesting “404However, according to the information on the platform named SteamDBInfo, which examines every transaction on Steam, this deletion process, conscious and gradual as it happened.

Players entering Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s Steam page encountered the following image

When we look at the data in SteamDBInfo, we found that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s name on Steam, its description, game files, achievements and tags owned by the game were deleted, and then the relevant page completely removed We see. This situation highlights the possibility of unauthorized access if there is no mistake. However, Valve is concerned about this issue. did not make an official statement.


Turkey CS: GO Player of the Valvee Call: Server Turkey’s Dry

The information in SteamDBInfo is as follows

CS: GO SteamDBInfo

While CS: GO players are waiting for a statement from Valve or the game team, we see that everything is the same in the last checks we make. In this context, the name of the game, the tags, the description section and even the comments, just like as before viewable. If you too SteamDBInfoIf you want to see all the changes reflected on with your own eyes here, If you want to access Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s page on Steam here You can use the link.

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