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Apex Legends to Run at 720p 30 FPS on Nintendo Switch

by tenderpuls
Apex Legends, Nintendo Switch’de 720p 30 FPS’de Çalışacak

After the release of Apex Legends for Nintendo Switch, many details began to become clear. Supported by Apex Legends’ fixed and handheld mode for Switch, FPS support broke the hearts of many Nintendo gamers.

Apex Legends expected on Nintendo Switch since last year COVID-19 As a result of the game being postponed due to the pandemic, the game could only be published today. Due to the long-awaited game, resolution and FPS optimization issues Cross-Play offered as an option. Respawn and Panic Button The subject voiced by his officials in an interview with Famitsu sounds “quite strange”.

In built-in mode option 720p 30 FPS it was strange that the supported game gave 576p 30 FPS in palm mode. On all platforms 60 FPS supporting Apex Legends The fact that he was in this position on Nintendo Switch confused users as to where to blame.

You can turn off Cross-Play mode to prevent injustice.

Panic Button officials of console and PC gamers 4K 60 FPS He stated that they play the game in resolution, and those who do not want to encounter these players can switch to the cross-play mode. Normally Apex Legends its players could face off against players from all platforms. Of Cross-Play On Nintendo Switch With its offering as an option, players will only face Nintendo-Switch players.


Apex Legends map recreated in Minecraft: images are stunning

On Switch Apex Legends to the players who play Battle Pass 30 levels in it will be offered for free. Double experience points will be awarded for two weeks from the moment the game is released. Nintendo Switch It is stated that it is offered as an option for its players to catch up with other players. When you look Panic Button team Nintendo Switch It was not very stable, but still does not forget the players.

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