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Apex Legends Map Reconstructed in Minecraft

by tenderpuls

An Apex Legends fan rebuilt the game’s map in Minecraft. Acquiring the admiration of Reddit users with his work, the player has revealed perhaps the best of the Apex Legends maps that have been designed so far.

Minecraft, one of the best selling games in the world, was created with special maps It has been the subject of our news many times. In this context, players were creating maps of other games they admired in Minecraft and revealing unique works. Again, such an event occurred. This time a Apex Legends fan recreated the map of the game in Minecraft. The result was truly admirable.

Used on Reddit “kurobekuro“The user who shared a post under the title of Apex Legends, suddenly reached an unprecedented popularity. Because the Apex Legends map that this player created in Minecraft was much different from the ones created so far. detailed doing a study, kurobekuro managed to win the admiration of all Apex Legends fans.

Here is a visual from the Apex Legends map created in Minecraft

Making statements about the map he created, kurobekuro said that the map he dreamed of was much more developed, but due to time constraints He says he’s done this much. Despite this, the fact that the map created was very similar to the real one, managed to win the appreciation of the players. The photo above is in the Apex Legends map. Train Yardwhile the photo below is Harvester reveals the named structure.


Minecraft is the worlds players create in their fantasy world that they can simulate provides. Taking advantage of Minecraft’s blessings on kurobekuro, it has recreated the best Apex Legends map ever. So what are your views on this subject? Has kurobekuro really been successful? The images we shared above so that you can express your opinion Versions of Apex Legends we just leave it downstairs.


Train Yard

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