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Rust Finally Heralded to Come to Consoles

by tenderpuls
Şükür Kavuşturana: Rust, 2021 İlkbaharında Konsollara Geliyor

The console adventure that turned into the snake story of Rust, whose alpha version was released in 2013, is finally starting. The game, which has been published with the possibility of coming to the console many times since last year, finally became clear when it will come to the console.

Twice on 11 November 2013 and 17 June 2014 alphaya Rust has a strange development story. During the Alpha period, it attracted the attention of many players in a short time, but its star soon died out due to the delay in development. Rust it has become popular again recently.

Especially Twitch streamers and Youtubers Many speculations were made about the console version of the game, which gained popularity thanks to its former popularity. Survival The game, which gained a tremendous reputation again between games, entered the closed beta process on consoles.

Rust will hit consoles in the spring of 2021

Of the game Steamagain “most popular gamesAfter entering the category From Facepunch Studios an incredible attack came. After Rust’s player population increased and the console market was mobilized, the company finally started testing the game in the console environment. It is observed how well the game, whose launch video is published in the console environment, describes the post-apocalyptic scenario in many ways. Game 2021 spring will take its place on consoles in the period. Playstation 4 and Xbox One The game to be released for the game can be played on new generation consoles.


Rust Rebuilds Real-Time Player Record

Rust’s rearing again DayZIt also caused to come to the agenda again. The fate of these two games, which were released at the same time, had a similar course. Pandemic more in the process “online time“The chances of the games that want to can be said to have laughed on their faces. Zombie In Rust, which eliminated the concept, the only enemy is other players. In Rust, where you constantly face zombies in the first period of its release, the greater threat is the human factor. You’ll need to ensure your own safety as you blow up buildings built by other players and exploit their resources.

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