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OnePlus 9 Charger Will Be Out of Box

by tenderpuls

The rumor that the charger will not come out of the OnePlus 9 after the smartphone brands started to reduce the contents of the box “officially” ended. It is stated that the devices that are reflected in our beautiful language as “charging adapter” but referred to as wall charger in the world literature will come out of OnePlus 9 boxes.

Starting with Apple followed by Samsung and Xiaomi The issue of removing the chargers from the boxes, which were implemented by companies such as consecutively, was angered by smartphone users. Put forward in the past days “OnePlus 9 out of the box charger will not come out “ it turned out that the gold of their discourse was empty.

OnePlusQuite a lot of comments were made on the topic that turned into discussion on the official forums of While many users said that OnePlus 9 series will not contain a charger, a few users’ comments such as “It will be released, do not be afraid” took place on the forum. Then this discussion suddenly CEO Pete Lau also included

Pete Lau: “No worries, there will be a charger in the boxes”

Participating in the discussion returning on the forums as we mentioned above Pete Lauput an end to all discussions. “We have the charger inside the box. ” sending a message, Lau seemed to have stated that OnePlus would not be affected by this fashion. By the way OnePlus This comment was the biggest proof of how much the official forums were taken into consideration by the team and carefully followed the user complaints.


OnePlus 9 Pro Official Trailer Released

The fact that China’s growing giant OnePlus is so intertwined with users proves that the company works in a user-oriented manner. Samsung and Apple Based on the official coexistence of technology giants such as users with users, the understanding of “we did it” started to pave the way for companies such as OnePlus. Of course, it is worth mentioning that the headphones are again OnePlus 9It will not happen in. At least users who do not have to pay extra for the charger are happy now.

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