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GeForce NOW Turkcell of Turkey Operations Officer

by tenderpuls

Responding to criticism of a price follower NVIDIA’s official Twitter account, said the GeForce now that Turkey is responsible for the operations of Turkcell. This statement was interpreted as Turkcell’s responsibility for the disputed price.

NVIDIA’s cloud-based gaming service GeForce NOW, Recently Opened beta registration in Turkey and Turkey with the opening price of the service was also set records. 74.90 TRYThe price of ‘almost divided the gamers into two. While some people stated that it is an affordable price tag for those who cannot afford to buy a new generation of hardware; Another part of the foreign service who rebelled against the price of 5 dollars to be in the $ 11 price level of Turkey.

We shared with you over the weekend. in the news Jahrein of Turkey’s most popular broadcaster, that employees share the message of a follower in Turkcell and Turkcell employees of “high” is described as that NVIDIA is responsible for the price We quoted what he suggested. This claim of the Turkcell employee brought to mind a recent tweet posted by the NVIDIA GeForce NOW official Twitter account.

NVIDIA: GeForce From now responsible for Turkcell Turkey

A user named Merty “Why do you price premium packages in Turkey for $ 11?” The official Twitter account of NVIDIA GeForce NOW that answered the question, “Hello, our GeForce GeForce NOW NOW Alliance partner operated by Turkcell in Turkey” In a sense present by answering He held Turkcell responsible for the price.

At this point, NVIDIA GeForce now Turkey’s Turkcell Turkcell is completely responsible employee of the operations said that while the price of NVIDIA’s imposition argues. Either side Unless he explains what happened behind the scenes price discussions seem to continue.

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