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Chat Histories on WhatsApp Can Be Encrypted

by tenderpuls

A new security feature that WhatsApp is working on has been revealed by WABetaInfo. This feature, which was mentioned for the first time last year but has not experienced any improvement, enables users to encrypt their chat histories. The feature will be available to both Android and iOS users in the near future.

Recently, it has been on the agenda only with the issue of privacy principles. WhatsAppis locked on features that increase security to clear the question marks in users’ minds. In this context, a new feature that the developers are working on has been discovered by the WABetaInfo teams and will be both iOS and Android It looks like it will be available to its users.

As a matter of fact, the feature in question was mentioned in the past year, but there is a development on this subject. it hadn’t happened. This feature was the ability for users to set a password for these backups from backups of their chat history to Google Drive or Apple iCloud. We even conveyed this development to you. This feature, which has not been mentioned for months, is now on the agenda again. What WABetaInfo obtains screenshotsindicates that the feature may be available shortly.

Chat backups will be encrypted with WhatsApp’s new feature

According to the leaked screenshots, users can choose to have WhatsApp chat backups if they wish. will be able to generate passwords. These passwords will also have to be used during later uploads. However, WhatsApp claims that the responsibility for the passwords in question is solely with the user, in case of forgetting He states that the chat history will not be available again.


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If users want to use a password while backing up their chat history, they must first use a password on their existing phone number. they will verify. After this process, a password consisting of at least 8 characters will need to be determined. If the user wants to upload the chat backup after creating this password, first enter this password and back up. will unlock. The feature that WhatsApp is working on will prevent the user’s chat history from being captured by someone else.

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