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A Site Coloring Buildings By Age In The Netherlands

by tenderpuls

A website working on creating 3D maps made a remarkable study in the Netherlands. Researching in which years around 10 million buildings were built across the country, the team colored the buildings in the Netherlands according to this research. The website offers a visual feast.

In the content we share with you from time to time, where you can spend your hours We are talking about some websites. In this context, from a website that recently turned the shapes you drew into icebergs and showed how they stood on the water surface. we mentioned. Now is Designed in the Netherlands We will talk about a unique website. This site allows you to have a very different experience by coloring the buildings across the country according to how old they are.

As a matter of fact, this website is, three-dimensional maps interested in creating. The team, which has created three-dimensional maps on different topics to date, has dealt with the Netherlands this time. Nationwide Around 10 million The website, which colors these researches by conducting research on the entire building, separates these buildings according to the years they were built. The website is almost a visual feast offers.

Buildings colored for their age in Amsterdam, this is how they look

The website divides the buildings into 12 different colors in total. These colors are green, yellow, blue, red, brown and gray. shades of these colors It comes across as. Using shades of green and blue in relatively new buildings, the team uses shades of red and brown as the building ages. On what date it was made undetectable the buildings, on the other hand, are painted in gray.

Color pallette

Coloring the buildings is not the only trick of the website. The website, which can also show the height of the buildings, when you hover over a building, a few details also gives. In this way, it is also possible to have information about the buildings in the country. If you want to browse this website and have information about the buildings in the country, here You can use the link found.


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