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Twitter Is Testing A New Tweet Editing Feature

by tenderpuls
Twitter, Paylaşılan Tweet'leri Düzenlemeye Yarayan Yeni Bir Özellik Test Ediyor

Twitter is testing a new feature that will allow users to retrieve their tweets in a short time and edit them in case of errors. While the feature is quite practical for some, it is no different from deleting for some and it is very unnecessary.

Twitter frequently comes up with new features brought to the platform recently. 2020 was an eventful year for Twitter in this regard, and the platform has long awaited many new features had joined. Making tweets reputable to only those we want or being able to post audio tweets were some of the major changes in Twitter in 2020. Now the platform has been a long, long time a feature that everyone wants is testing more.

As you know, we have no choice but to delete an erroneous tweet posted on Twitter. Because Twitter, like on Facebook or Instagram for example does not offer the possibility to edit the text. However, this situation seems to change with a newly tested feature.

It will be possible to undo tweets;

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