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The Person Who Bought Jack Dorsey’s Tweet is Turned Out

by tenderpuls

The first tweet of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, which went up for auction yesterday and sold for $ 2.5 million, was bought by a Turk. Sina Estavi, CEO of Cryptoland and Bridge Oracle, who bought the tweet, said in a post he made on Twitter that he was originally Turkish.

The internet world witnessed another historical event yesterday. Completely a digital ‘asset’, again completely with a digital currency opened to auction. This asset is what Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey shared on his platform in 2006. It was his first tweet. As soon as the tweet went on sale, it encountered offers of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Tweet that has been turned into an unchangeable Token (NFT), Valuables BY Cent It was sold on the day it went on sale. While there is a battle between the highest bidders during the auction process, the last bid received in the tweet 2.5 million dollars happened. The buyer whose name was not disclosed in the first place, the person who bought Jack Dorsey’s tweet was also revealed.

The person who bought the tweet was Turkish:

That tweet that Jack Dorsey shared 15 years ago is the CEO of cryptocurrency trading platform Cryptoland and Malaysia-based Bridge Oracle By Sina Estavi It was purchased for 2.5 million dollars. An interesting fact emerged with the announcement of the purchaser of the tweet.

Sina Estavi, who announced his bid during the auction on Twitter, naturally received hundreds of visits to his profile. If it’s something that catches the eye of users who visit their profile, Turkish tweets happened. This status of a Twitter user “Dad, how did you learn Turkish?“The question was not left unanswered by Estavi.


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Sina Estavi, to the Twitter user who asked the question “I am originally Turkish.Sina Estavi replied that the tweet with the purchase metadata and a digitally signed certificate will achieve. The tweet went down in history as the most expensive tweet ever sold. Your tweet about the technology that plays a role in selling You can read our article below to get more information.


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