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Is it Possible to Make Money with Spotify Playlists?

by tenderpuls

We have seen “Spotify playlist” ads, which have become very popular recently, on Instagram frequently. Why are these advertisements specific to the music genres you are particularly interested in?

The world’s most popular music listening platform Spotify It has become an area that has made many underground artists famous around the world and earned them money. Especially many artists you follow on digital platforms logs into “Spotify” first.

Sound artists of the developing technology CD, vinyl, cassette A new sector has begun to emerge after dragging from tools such as physical music that can be listened to, to digital platforms. It’s a already known feature of Spotify that it pays artists based on their listen results. Average 500.000 in return for rest 2000 dollars Thanks to this revenue gate in Spotify you earned, “someone” started making money.

# 1: Try to get into playlists if you want to make money on Spotify

As you know, the most recommended artists who will enter Spotify are told to contact the owners of the big playlists and place their songs on these lists. In this way, artists can both gain subscribers to their channels and create revenue streams.


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Of course, an income distribution is made here, according to your music studio and record label agreement. Of course at this point the “playlists”Suddenly the value started to take on value. “Wait, I get money from hereA new income method has emerged for those who say.

# 2: Publishers were the first to notice

Spotify publishers

Youtube, Twitch.TV etc. publishers Spotify playlist They are among those who noticed the sector. Many streamers have started inviting their followers to subscribe to Spotify playlists. Here it is very difficult to say whether Turkish broadcasters fully share this vision, but especially Usa Broadcasters have managed to earn serious money by including many famous names in their playlists.


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Especially Artists from L.A in many channels where they contact famous broadcasters and Youtubers for their favorite Spotify playlists. decipher happened. In the first place, the channel where many Youtubers made money by releasing songs and directing their followers to Spotify, suddenly turned into a huge advertising space.

# 3: The idea of ​​using Spotify playlists for reputation management and advertising

Spotify reputation management

Advertising and PR The entry of “famous artists” into these lists, which are quite suitable for their subject, was not only for making money. For example; Like “1 million streams on Spotify on the first day with the new song released” Reputation management has also become a serious source of viral advertising.


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Think of it this way, you’ve subscribed to a crowded playlist, and this list is just right for you. Suddenly the list was updated and the 3rd song in the playlist changed. You didn’t pay much attention to it and continued to listen to the list. Yes, it is quite normal for you, as the owner of the playlist can change. But of course, this list is actually “It is also quite possible that he sold a location from the playlist.

# 4: What are the playlist ads on Instagram?

Spotify Instagram Ad

Social media advertising It is known as one of the most preferred channels that people prefer and that can be reached directly to the young population. “Instagram sponsored adsThey direct you to Spotify playlists with short videos that come up with you and include your favorite music genre. Companies invite people from all over the world to subscribe to their playlists with these advertisements on Instagram.


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They then sell positioning to artists from within their large subscription playlists. With a little research Spotify agencies you can even find it. These agencies, which serve famous or consonant artists with their playlist pools, have created a revenue model for themselves on Spotify.

# 5: In the digitalizing world, everything turns into an income model

Spotify revenue model

“Spotify How do I make money from playlists? In this article we gave you the answer to the question, the main issue you should consider: “Every platform that can create a community is a source of income” the fact that it is.


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Last Clubhouse In the digital world, where there are debates that an income model can be created even from their rooms, creating such an income model through Spotify should not be too surprising for you. Maybe after this post, many of you will check your “Spotify playlist” subscriptions or through the Spotify playlist among readers.to earn money“There will be people to try. Of course, this money flow and trade will somehow continue. You should not forget that “Spotify Influencers“They will continue to be among you by doing guerilla marketing.

What do you think about this issue? Did you have any idea about the money earned on Spotify playlists? Please specify in the comments.

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