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IPhone 11 Found In The Lake, Has Worked Smoothly After Months

by tenderpuls

Apple had received IP68 certification for the iPhone 11, which confirms that it is waterproof for half an hour at a depth of about 1.80 meters. Located in a lake in Canada, the iPhone 11 worked despite being in water for about 6 months.

Efforts are being made to make smartphones more durable than previous generations. In recent years, almost all flagship models have received certificates for resistance to dust and water. Apple also for iPhone 11 Had received IP68 certification. The phone was waterproof to a depth of 1.8 meters for 30 minutes.

A YouTuber in Canada during his dive in a lake several iPhones succeeded. IPhone 11, one of these devices, attracted attention with its working condition despite being in water for about 6 months.

Discovered by accident

Channel Aquatic Monkey The couple, who owns the YouTube channel called, dives in various lakes in the region called British Columbia in Canada. If possible, they hand over the devices they find in these dives to their former owners, while cleaning the lakes.

It is striking that the channel team found a large number of iPhones in the video dated March 4. One of these devices, the working iPhone, is also in national broadcasting channels As it manages to find a place for itself, how the story unfolds is also explained.

The moments when Clayton Helkenberg, one of the divers of the Aquatic Monkey channel, unearthed the aforementioned iPhone 11. Posted on YouTube channel. The video also highlights dozens of different things the team found and extracted from the bottom of the lake.

Treasures deep inside

iphone 11

In fact, in part of the world periodically scanning the bottom of the seas and there are lots of people collecting what they found. Especially people who examine the holiday resorts and frequently visited touristic areas frequently share their findings on the internet.

When we look at the iPhone 11 in particular, Apple’s perhaps more when advertising its own products. outstanding certificates we see that you can use it.

Source :
https://www.patentlyapple.com/patently-apple/2021/03/while-an-iphone-11-with-ip68-waterproofing-is-good-at-6-meters-for-30-minutes-an- iphone-found-in-a-canadian-lake-lasted-clos.html

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