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Huawei’s two-screen phone is designed in 3D

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The two-screen smartphone, patented by technology giant Huawei, was recreated in three dimensions by designer HoilNDI. What the screen next to the camera setup of the phone has to offer looked better with the design.

China-based technology giant Huaweirecently patented a smartphone design with a screen on both the front and back. This phone model that we don’t know if we’ll see it in the real world, designer HoilNDI It was presented to us in 3D, based on patent photographs.

Of course, the biggest feature of the design that Huawei patented the screen on the back cover. This screen, located next to the camera setup of the smartphone, will be able to show the user various information such as time, date, weather, charge status and application notifications. Of course, this screen is a photo shoot as visor can also be used.

Huawei’s phone with two screens:

On the front of the model, which has four cameras and a camera with flash, there are two cameras on the front. a perforated screen has a design. The phone’s home screen curves down at its edges. The phone has a thin border offered by today’s flagships.

Huawei’s phone design we’ve seen may be familiar to you. Because Huawei is not the only company considering a screen on the back panel. Xiaomi, another Chinese technology giant, is its new flagship Mi 11 Ultra will also include a secondary screen behind it. The main difference between the two screens seems to be the size of the screens, if Huawei actually produces this phone.


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Huawei previously came across with a patent that gave it a secondary display behind it. Company, On February 28, 2019 received in patent this time it had placed the rear screen under it, not next to the camera setup. Thanks to this design, the screen could cover most of the upper half of the body.

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