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Find App Will Detect Unknown Tracking Devices

by tenderpuls

It is thought that a new feature will come to Apple’s Find application very soon. With the new feature discovered in iOS 14.5 beta, the Find application will give a warning about unknown devices that are detected to move with you.

Apple’s Find application; An app that can run on iPad, iPhone and Mac devices, allowing users to find their lost device or to browse the locations of friends and family members and share their location.

Find, which is a very useful application with many features it offers, especially at the point of finding lost devices, In iOS 14.5 beta According to the information that has emerged, we will soon come up with a new feature. With this new feature coming to the application, following users and acting with them unknown devices will be detected and a warning will be given.

All unknown devices acting with you can be detected:

This feature, which Apple has brought to the fore with the iOS 14.5 beta update, has actually appeared in several iOS versions before, but has been removed. The fact that the last update is included in the beta again is that Apple is still working on the feature and soon getting ready to launch is showing.

With the feature that takes its place in the application with the name of Item Safety Alerts, the application is attached to you or thrown in your bag, left in your car, briefly acting with you and Allows detection of all devices that share your location with different sources and gives a warning to its user. With the warning, it is aimed to find and disable tracking devices.

A measure for tracking accessories like Apple’s AirTags and Samsung’s Galaxy SmartTag:

Galaxy SmartTag


Samsung Introduces Galaxy SmartTag That Will Make Everything Easily Finding

Of course, the tracker issue here is a bit confusing. But for example, a location tracking accessory that Apple is preparing to introduce soon. Let’s take AirTags. The introduction of such a device may cause undesirable events to occur.

Apple may have started to prepare before launching its own device to avoid such situations. For example someone to follow you throws an AirTags in your bag, you will be able to get rid of it by detecting it with the Find application. Considering that, it seems very logical that such a feature is coming.

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