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Dubbing of 17 iconic films in other languages

by tenderpuls
Akıllara Zarar 17 İkonik Filmin Diğer Dillerde Dublajı

Have you ever watched your favorite movies in different languages? Would you like to listen to the most striking scenes of movies with top IMDB scores, popularized all over the world, in other languages?

YouTube Thanks to it, we can now reach the whole world. Youtube content producers produce such content for users that we watch most of them by saying “I wonder”. Many Youtuber originals of scenes from iconic movies and dubbingcompared. Some scenes may sound quite funny in other languages, especially because of our ear familiarity.

Also, in “Turkish” dubbed scenes that you will see frequently in the videos, Turkish dubbing artists you will realize how talented he is actually. By the way, we need to state that again Turkish dubbing You will not believe how some of the iconic movies have been dubbed victims, as they seem quite ahead of the world.

Note: Let us remind you that sometimes you may encounter spoilers because the lines of the movies are dubbed.

# 1 300: This is Sparta

The most famous scene of the movie “300 Spartans”, which has become one of the most popular movies in the world, is the “This is Sparta” scene. We recommend you to watch Japanese version legend.


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# 2 The Dark Knight: I Don’t Wanna Kill You

One of the legendary talks of Joker and Batman. The Dark Knight movie is an excellent movie in itself. Let’s not discuss Heath Ledger’s Joker performance here.

# 3 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II: Harry Potter is Dead

The moment when Voldemort happily and peacefully cried out to Hogwarts that Harry Potter was dead. While watching Italian, “It is a shame to wipe your grin.”


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# 4 Godfather: I’m Gonna Make Him an Offer He Can’t Refuse

“I will make an offer to him that he cannot refuse”. The legendary line that goes down in history as a pattern set in Turkish. Just one of the legendary lines of The Godfather. By the way, almost every dubbing artist has worked so seriously that you will say wow while watching.


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# 5 Forrest Gump: Run, Forrest, Run!

What a great movie you were, Forrest Gump. It is one of the rare films that sprinkle seeds of hope in one’s heart every time you watch it and make it look to the future with hope.

# 6 The Green Mile: That’s the way it is every day

The video with very little dubbing does not take heart. The legendary production brought to the Turkish cinema world as “Green Road”.

# 7 Harry Motter and Half-Blood Prince: Avada Kedavra

It wouldn’t be possible if we didn’t get it on such a list. That scene where Severus Snape killed Dumbledore. By the way, all the dubbing artists seem to have been waiting to say “Avada Kedavra” for years. A seriousness, a change in tone of voice… Breh breh breh. (Czech is a weird but)

# 8 Fight Club: First Rule of Fight Club

First rule from Fight Club movie. You will be a man first man, then you fight. The “laws” of Tyler Durden. Hayda rinaaa rinna rinna rinanaay.

# 9 Matrix: My name is NEO

It’s an enormous scene from a great movie. The Matrix is ​​one of the rare movies that truly left its mark on the world.

# 10 Pokemon: I Choose You!

Will Pikachu speak but not make it on this list? Adam Pika was able to make sentences other than saying Pika, we learn here for the first time.


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# 11 Deadpool: Superhero Landing

I guess it would have been in our dreams if we hadn’t included Deadpool on this list. The superhero landing scene is one of the best moments in which the movie criticizes all the clichés. Of course, we can say that Turkish Dubbing is one of the most successful films.


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# 12 Avengers Endgame: Avengers Assemble

Avengers Assemble! If we think the best scene in the Marvel movies might be the war scene. So you don’t change Thanos’ charisma for anything. By the way, how can I know that Thor screams “MUAAAA” for war.


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# 14 Terminator 2: Sick La Vista Baby

We can say that Terminator 2 is the most critical scene. Of course, at this point, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s performance is legendary, but the interpretation of each country’s own dubbing artists was also a bit strange.

# 15 Back to the Future: Back to the Future

Let’s leave you a wonderful collage from the movie “Back to the Future”. Please note that while watching, many people commented “Morty” for the Turkish version.

# 16 Lord of the Rings: You Shall Not Pass

Entering the last two movies on our list, “You Shall Not Passsss!” You probably didn’t think we forgot his line. The dubbing of The Lord of the Rings in all languages ​​is legendary, but this scene is another scene.

# 17 Star Wars: Luke, I Am Your Father

The moment when Luke Skywalker confronts the truth. Prepare yourself well before watching other language versions of such a dramatic, important scene. Your psychology may be completely disrupted and you may be unable to watch Star Wars, or a laugh may hold you whenever you watch this scene. Be prepared now.

You can share your favorite scene from the list with us in the comments.

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